My first grow... Outdoors.

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  1. I found a seed in some dank I was rolling blunts with, and I saw that it was the right color for germination. I tested it with a water bowl, and low and behold, it floats!
    So, I'm going to start an outdoor grow and see how I can handle a plant.
    I live in South Florida.. will plants grow okay here?
    I'm not sure when I should plant, I heard april/may but since the weather here doesn't get too cold, could I do it now? Or will it just start flowering from the seedling stage?

    Thank you!
    All tips and stuff are appreciated and welcomed.
  2. Floating seeds are usually an indication of empty or dead seeds.
    I just checked the Sunrise and Sunset hours for Miami, Florida. Today they will receive 12 hours and 20 minutes, and it decreases by approx. 2 minutes each day. On september 20 they will receive 12 hours and 10 minutes of daylight.

    You can plant a seed at 12/12 and it will go straight into flowering. The yield will not be big because you basically skip the veg. stage. I've checked the daylight hours for every month and Miami, Florida doesn't really get more than 13 hours and 45 minutes of daylight each day. Pretty close to the 12/12 for flowering which would make outdoor yields significantly smaller. May 21 is when Miami gets 13.5 hours of daylight, reaching 13.75 and then slowly progressing down to 10.
  3. Ya i was going to say if it is a good seed, it should sink overtime. Try and push it down into the water and let it sit there overnight if it doesn't sink on it's own.

    P.S. Correct me if i'm wrong, but if you were smoking dank, shouldn't it be seedless? :rolleyes:
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    It was seedless for the most part. There were no other seed casings in any of the buds, that was the only seed in the whole 8th. I read somewhere in a growing guide that if you drop it an inch above a bowl full of water and it floats, it will germinate.
    So basically, planting now or later would make no difference as to the yield?
    EDIT: I have well water, could it be possible that the seeds floated because the water was a little more dense than usual?
  5. Nah dude the floaters are no good. Use the ones that sink to germ, throw the rest away.
  6. Hmm.. Guess its time to look for some more seeds.
  7. I've seen floaters sink after 12 hours and germinate, give it a chance!
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    hmm, a ray of hope!
    I'll try when I'm ready to plant, which should be soon. Should I just try to germ it and see what happens?
    UPDATE!: The seed sunk today after I pushed it down. I'm hoping to have it in some soil tomorrow :D

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