My First Grow! Opinions and Tips Appreciated!!

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  1. Decided to try my first grow ever, and I went with hydro. Had a lot of people tell me to start with soil but I kinda said fuck it.

    I am currently growing 31 plants, in an ebb and flow system under 3 1000w
    MH lights in a 12x12 room. Im using MH for growth and switching to HPS for flowering, is this recommended?

    The plants are about 4 weeks in, I have been keeping the pH at about 5.8 - 6.0 constantly, 48 humidity and temp around 80 F. Everything seems to be growing quite well, havent had too many issues except for a tiny bit of yellowing on tips, but getting better.

    The strain is Hawaiian Snow. Couple pics below, PLEASE give me your advice, tips or opinions on what I should change or how its coming! :eek:

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  2. For a first grow looks like you know what your doing. awesome setup, looking forward to how this comes along
  3. Week 5! Noticed big change in plants!

    When should I start "topping" the plants, anyone have a good write up on it? Also pruning?

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  4. looks great! Yes top those plants, if you need to see instructions try this youtube one
    [ame=]How To Top Marijuana Plants - Topping Marijuana Plants 101 - YouTube[/ame]

    I topped all my god's gift, I'm at 38 days flower and each plant has 5-6 colas. I top every plant at least twice before I go to flower.

    see my journal there are pics of the topped gods gift when I topped it.
  5. Wow man, I was going to say you jumped in with both feet, but you jumped in so hard you must be an octopus - you jumped in with 8 feet. I've really been thinking of switching to Ebb and Flow. Did you DIY, or did you buy a retail system? I am subbed.
  6. Nice set up . You can top them off at any time now , I personally give them time to recover ( one week or so ) before flipping to 12/12 .What is your PPM level?How often do you feed?
  7. Feed them 4 times a day, I keep the ppm around 1000, have heard to bump it up a little bit higher but they're doing fine until i flower, then will go 1200-1400..

    I bought a retail system just due to my first grow and haven't seen to many systems, its crazy the amount they grow, i took a pic 3 days after the last one and look at the difference! Appreciate everyones positive feedback, been working hard at this!

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  8. They do look very nice . Hey, can you tell me how long is each feeding ? Also do you feed when lights are off? Thank you.
  9. its about 20 minutes of feeding, on a timer to pump every 6 hrs so yes it does get fed with lights off.
  10. Thank you.
  11. Coming into week 6! HUGE difference in growth, bumped ppm up to 1400, going thru alot more food and water now. Topped my plants and did a little trimming, also added 2 more fans for air flow. Heres a new pic!

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  12. looking great! Your going to have a good harvest. The ebb/gro system is like autopilot, I think it's one of the best systems out there, also my plants have less problems and my yields have increased way beyond expectations.
  13. What do you average per plant?
  14. Man those girls are going to be monsters! Im jealous :p Wish I had the nuts to do something this big

  15. about 30- 50g most of the plants in that room were sativa's plus a few blue dream two of which were small. Also I didn't top any of them, NOW I know better. I yeilded about 2lb with 2 1000k lights, that's pretty typical. I did expect way more, but it's my fault for not topping etc.

    my current room of god's gift should yield at least 2-3 maybe 4 oz per plant I topped them and each one has 4-6 colas that are a good size, Plus God's gift is indica dominate, which also yields better.

  16. how many times have you topped? usually twice per plant? I want maximum yeild obviously.
  17. yes, I now top twice per plant
  18. what height you usually let plants get to? sorry for all questions but asking someone whos done it will obviously help me maximize my yeild

  19. no problem, i use this forum to ask and answer questions.

    I let those get to about 20-24" the god's gift 42 bucket room, and flipped to 12/12. The strain will also dictate how much the plant will grow in height while in flower. Sativa=taller Indica=shorter

    the gods gift have about 12 days to finish, most are at 36"-42" tall. The canopy is uneven, I had a set back of about 2 weeks with high heat at the start, ( i went on vacation and my friend screwed up the aircon :mad:) so some are shorter at about 30", but still have nice cola's.

    You might find this info useful:
    I did clone from the god's gift that were strongest and biggest, I currently have those in veg, and will transplant them right after I crop and clean the hydroton. My goal is to reduce veg time by using another room and have a 9-10 week turn around in that 42 room verses 12-15 weeks. This current grow has taken 15 weeks from first clone transplant to finish....waaay tooo long! see the set up for veg in my journal
  20. plants have grown to 28 inches today, switched bulbs and going to a 12/12 light cycle. getting anxious!

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