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  1. Okay so I just got my card yesterday and went to the club and I got a northern lights clone some sour d and brownies and a pre rolled fatty. It's fukin great. But anyway this is my first plant ever and i'm wondering the best way to grow northern lights?
  2. do you have anything yet? what's your budget? and how many plants do you plan to have?
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    My mom did all the weed shopping which pissed me off . But my mom kinda surprised me with this plant when she came out . I personally have no money. I think i'm going to do a closet grow though . I only have this one clone :rolleyes: $15 for it . Hope it don't go to waste :smoking:
  4. weed is family business nowadays
  5. Well this is my grow space. [​IMG]
    Any suggestions on what else I should add to it? Other than my plant and mabey a green pad and better lights. :confused: I don't even know what lights to get . Anyone?
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    Depends, Everyone says HID's are better for the plants (I use HID's) such as MH or HPS. I have seen some fantastic grows with cfl lighting too. If you have heating, venting, or space issues I would go with cfl. If you don't just hit up (or a local hydro/grow shop)and get a HID setup for pretty cheap. Wattage is usually 100w first plant and 50w+ for everyone after.

    I would def add at least one oscillating fan to blow fresh air over your plant. I could also say get an Intake/Exhaust setups. If its in your budget.

    On a side note.. I wish when I was younger my mom would have bought me a pot plant... Talk about lucky.
  7. Thank you shang! Useful info ill keep that in mind . I'm going to a hydro shop in the morning !:D
  8. Np, Just paying it forward. I don't know much of anything and what I do know I tend to forget fast, lol
  9. Okay so I just got my hydro kit and a big HID light to go with it . It comes Thursday. What should I do for my plant before it comes ? I guess it will have to be sunlight and water until then.

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