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  1. can any 1 help? here are some pics of my first grow she is in hydro ponics and is almost 4 weeks into flower and is showing mass flower produce, how do i know when to put her on flush, as far as i am led to believe she must be put on flush 2 weeks before harvest? how do i know when to recognise this ??????????????:confused:

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  2. very nice. I read one of spanisfly reply to the whole flush thing and I tend to believe what he says to some extent, "you don't think nature flush your plants or the large commercial grower". He tested out his theory on a grow, 1 plant he flushed the other he didn't. According to him there was no difference. I also grow in hydro, and applying his advice, I only flushed 5 days(just to be on the safe side). PM me in a couple of weeks and I'll let you know how mine turned out. If all goes well on my current grow, which looks to be due about the same time as yours, I'll only flush 3 days. By the way did you give her a shot of some bloom booster, should do that 3-4 weeks out.
  3. ty chimera, yeah she been on bloom and boost for last 2 weeks and a pk yield enhancer, once started on the pk the chrystal formation was massive almost over night, that last pic is a pic of a lowryder that is almost 4 weeks old and has been on bloom and boost and 12/12 since she was 10 days old, really dont think she is a lowryder as she stands an impressive 2 1/2 feet tall what do you think can a lowryder grow as tall as this? bear also in mind she only weeks old, in last week she has been sprouting lots of hairs so very sure it is a she but she is beside my nl grow and would like advice on whether this is enough to distinguish whether it is male or fem, really dont want to herm my nl now!!!!!!!!!!!
    oh cf has been maintained at 21 is this too much or not enough? ph has been going from 5.8 to 6.4 is this a sign of her burning of sugars and a good sign, had to add ph down about twice a week?

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