My First Grow - Northern Lights

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Grizzly_, Aug 20, 2006.

  1. :wave: Hi everyone, I finally finished my growbox and now im growing.:)
    I germinated the seeds, placed in soil, waited for sprout, put under 125w Envirolite Cool White bulb. 18 hour cycle.

    Heres my Growbox


    Heres a quick peak of 'Mary Jane'
    She's only a week old.


    Anyway, I'll keep ya posted on my grow. Sorry I didn't have anymore images for ya.
    :smoking: Peace.
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  2. good luck.. +rep for growing NL... but 1 question do u have perlite in ur soil?
  3. nice growbox. what kinda soil are you using? how much did that light cost ya?
  4. Not sure, the bag doesn't say, all I know is, the soil is peat free & it's for growing tomatoes. I picked it up from B&Q, because I read somewhere that growing marijuana is just like growing tomatoes. ~shrugs shoulders~
  5. i grow tomatoes :)
  6. Thanks Shadowstalker, I purchased the Light from Basement
    125w MG EnviroLite Grow Light & Both Lamps.
    6400k - White/blue spectrum for Veg
    2700k - Red spectrum for Flowering
    Cost just over £100.
  7. Your setup looks very nice. :)
    I am thinking of setting something similar up, but I am not sure
    if I should go with the 125W CLF's or 200W.
    So your grow will be very helpful in my decision.
    Good Luck and I hope you get super yields! ;)
  8. That is a nifty little setup, you should get a few more babies going in that spiffy setup. Props on getting some northern lights going, my favorite strain; especially atomic northern lights..
  9. nice mate keep us informed of you grow N L is my favorot strain does very nice in doors even if it get a bit of mistreatment lol does well on yeiled its a heaveiy budding plant so you migth need to tie up some breachnes when she fattens up all nice +rep mate
  10. nice box I'm looking into getting one put togethor myself...going to be my first grow...I'll be watching this.
  11. :p Well, when the light came on, I got a better look of what my ladies did through the night. More Leaves. :smoke:

    2/4 are really progressing. The other 2 are... slower, but still looking healthy.

  12. were ur stems people when they sprouted? also did ur plants have purple on the bottom of the leaves/outside of leaves.... im just wondering because mine do and ive heard that is a trait for NL but id like to hear it from someone who actually is growing it right now (mine is bagseed from some very high mids that hermied)
  13. :smoke: Hiya BrazyJay, when ya say 'were ur stems people when they sprouted?' what do ya mean?
    I've just checked my plants, cant see no purple, but their only 9 days old.
  14. i mean on the 2nd or 3rd day they came out of the ground were the stems purple?
  15. well, mine looked reddish/ purple when htey were seedlings!
  16. Most seedlings I've grown and seen start with a reddish stem.
  17. The stems were a purple/red colour at the start of growth.

    I've recently just put in a little 10" fan, because I was worrying about the thickness of the stem, or its lack of. So i thought having air moving around in the box, it may benefit. But I have a problem, the wire has to come through the front door of the box, letting light come out.

    I was wondering if this may be a problem during the Veg of the plant.
  18. [​IMG]

    How she looking?
  19. good, what day is she on?

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