My first grow northern lights autoflowering

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  1. I purchased this microscope it was only like 7 buck it has a 4.3 stars and in the comments people said it worked great for there cannabis plants so I figured 7 buck y not give it a shot lol

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  2. Looks fine man. Most people reccomend 30x, so 60 should be great for seeing trichomes around harvest
  3. It's not too late to LST your current plants, why not learn now and benefit from the work? It WILL help incredibly. Your call.

    Yeah, that microscope is fine, I think my RadioShack model is 50 - 100X. I do use the 100X setting occasionally but most of my viewing is done at 50X. That 60X model should be fine as long as it has a focus.
    If you REALLY want to have fun, look for a USB microscope camera; takes pic's straight to your PC. But now we're stretching the usefulness of a tool and just buying to have another toy [​IMG] which is OK....

    OK, I'm gone. Good luck with your grow.

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  4. Damn! Awesome info Olde School!
    I've got the same size tent.. Will definitely be giving LST a go
  5. Lst looks really good old school. Some nice reference to go from in here.
  6. Thanks Fellows, hope it helps. I bought the little tent will all intentions of doing other stuff with it, but I'm having so much fun with the auto's I haven't got to it yet. Maybe next time [​IMG]
  7. So I have got my plants for my next grow there doing good except the back lest one it's a lil unhappy but her roots wore coming out of the jiffy pot I was using, and I made a lil home for them a 10 gallon sterilite a spray painted the inside white and I have three 23 watt CFLs

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  8. My girls are doing great Daenerys in the first pic I have to tie her up she was starting to lean with all the weight she is getting on her lol, second pic is Sansa she is my tallest girl, third is my small girl I am waiting on a microscope to look at her tricoms to see how close they are done, forth pic is margery she is a lil stunted from transplanting that at the time I did not know u wore not supposed to transplant.

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  9. Thats coming along nice man! How long they been flowering now? And how tall is the biggest one?
  10. They looking real good
  11. Margery and Sansa started flowing 7/28 so a little over a week, Daenerys and Arya have been flowering for almost a month
  12. Have they grown much since they started flowering? In terms of height/width
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  13. Yes Daenerys was only 6 inches when she started to flower she is almost 16 inches now and I had to tie her up because she was gaining weight with her buds, margery and Sansa are still growing each day, as for Arya she has stayed small but she is budding up really nice
  14. Update pics
  15. Just did earlier this morning go back a couple post joker1104
  16. Ok guys need help I have a 10 gallon sterilite tub with tap water, first I ph the water to 6.5 then run air stone and water turns really cloudy so I pored it out cleaned the tub filled it back up and let the air stone run for a full day and water looks like water and then I ph the water to 6.5 turned the air stone back on and within a couple of hours the water is cloudy again anyone know what's happening I need to fix it before I start my hydroponic grow and so I can get water for my soil plants and keep the water normal
  17. New pics broski
  18. Hmmmm, I've never had to hold my tap water and aerate it, I'm on a well so no chlorine to fuss with. But I used to do that for my aquariums many years ago so I know it works. I always mix mine in the hydro tank and by the time nutes are in it can't tell if it's cloudy or not.
    I suspect it's the pH-down causing the condition, what are you using? If you're using an organic-down (like vinegar or lemon juice) it can cause cloudiness. But most pH down solutions like General Hydroponics are diluted phosphoric acid and that shouldn't cause cloudiness.
    When I use superthrive it does tend to cloud the water / nute mix, but its never caused any issues.
    You cleaned the tank, assuming your air stone was new, so there's no contamination issue to work with, I wouldn't worry. But I'm curious, will the cloudiness clear up if you stop the aeration and let it sit?
  19. I think I fixed it I turn the air stone back on and then I pored more ph down in it and instantly it went from cloudy to clear and a spilt second
  20. Weird, don't get the science behind that. I wasn't worrying about it much anyway, but recheck your pH to make sure you didn't over-compensate by adding more down.
    So you also said "... I need to fix it before I start my hydroponic grow". What are you thinking? I'd love to hear your plans. And, as a general reference, the pH range for hydro is 5.5 to 6.1, with the sweet spot at 5.8 to 6.0 This compared to 6.3 to 7 for dirt with the sweet spot at 6.5 to 6.8
    And just a by-the-way, was back in the Absolute Beginners forum a minute ago and your thread has been awarded "HOT" status. That's kind of rare. Cool & congrats. Be checking back later.


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