My first grow northern lights autoflowering

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  1. Ya I was watching game of thrones and I thought that I should name my plants and just decided to name them from GoF, when I run out of girl name I might start using guy names for them or find another show to use
  2. I was reading that I should flush my plant about 2 weeks to harvest, do I have to do that or what is that for?
  3. I think its to make sure that the nutrients and stuff that people put in, get "flushed" out of the plant.
  4. What happens if I don't flush it?
  5. Popular opinion is that you get a better taste and smell if you flush (im not 100% sure about this btw, i'll let you know if i learn more).
    But ive seen people debating in the organic section, that flish isn't needed when you grow organic, and some guys were even saying theres no difference even with an indoor.
  6. Ok cool thanks man
  7. Oh, and if i remember, flushing is mainly a hydroponics thing. Do you use anything with your plants? Other than water and light i mean. Nutrients or bug repellant or anything?
  8. Ya I use general hydroponics supernova grow and bloom
  9. Ok cool. Ive not used anything yet, and its my first grow, so i know next to nothing about stuff like that atm. You could try posting that list of things you use, then ask if you'll need to flush. In a thread somewhere else i mean. Ill see if i can find one
  10. Flushing is to get all the nutes out of the plant before harvest so that you don't run the risk of a chemical taste in your bud.
  11. First two pics are Arya she is only like 3 or 4 inches but she is budding up good.

    The other two pics are Daenerys she is doing great I am happy about her.

    The other pic is Sansa she is one of the best plants I have she is still in veg and growing everyday.

    Last pic is margery she got stunted because I used a cheap soil to transplant her into I was low on money at the time but she is in some Foxfarms ocean forest now and she is happy happy happy

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  12. Danny u must flush no exceptions or u will have what we call hay weed
  13. How soon do I need to flush?
  14. 2 weeks before harvest
  15. Thanks for sharing your growing experience, I plan on starting to grow and all your comments and pics are really helpful.
  16. Hey pal, a 1 week flush is okay IMO all you need is just 1. 2 weeks is fine though. Keep in mind though that all the bottled nutrients you have fed during during bloom have already been absorbed by the bud there is no getting that out. Growing organically there is no need to flush as all the nutrients in the soil are naturally made.

  17. Sorry bud but your wrong. Hay weed comes from a failed cure or no cure at all. Nutrients have nothing to do with the way weed smells.

  18. Thanks for following man I'm glad that people can learn from my grow
  19. No it will sure taste like hay lol when u have had properly flushed dry and cured cannabis you can tell sorry to hurt your feelings

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