My first grow need some questions answered

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by ThatGuyThere, Feb 26, 2010.

  1. So first off, i'll be growing behind my garage, it faces a field and my house is in a dead end with the back of the garage facing the other way so it will be pretty well hidden from neighbors/others. Anyway I have a few questions since this is my first grow.

    1. It's going to be outdoors so I wont need lights or anything I know that... But can I just plant em and water em, or do i need to put them in a pot filled with miracle grow or whatever?

    2. How many plants will I need to grow to smoke out me and some friends until the next summer (I will grow this coming summer).

    3. Is it necessary to take out the male plants before they grow too large or is that just some preference thing?

    Thanks for any help in advance :D

  2. 1: YES But I would suggest miracle grow
    2: How many friends???
    3: YES it is necessary

    4: Read the stickys posted all over the place in this forum and the indoor growing and beginners growing forum. OK, because you obviously should research this a little more and make your idea into a reality.

    (I would suggest a better place than behind the garage!)

  3. Ya i have been reading a lot and im trying to get as much knowledge on this as i can. I just haven't really seen anything pertaining the exact details of the questions, it just kinda states them in a general manner. and ya i could find a better place, theres a little swamp down the road but cops go down there all the time to check for shit..

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