My first grow... need some help with plant.

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    Hey guys this is my absolute first grow and I have to say it feels amazing to grow! I am awaiting some northern lights seeds from nirvana to come any day this week. However untill then I grew some bagseed just as an experiment so I can have some knowledge. This is a picture of one of my three plants... the young leaves appear to be very light green with dark green down the middle. Please let me know whats wrong with it asap :)

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  2. thank you very much i water them everyday so maybe that is the case :) However im still open to suggestions just in case this very thing has happened
  3. He you drowning them. Keep the yellow pot in mind!!

  4. Your drowning them which can kill them! Remember plants are hyper evolved to survive dry spells, constant watering they are not. Generally unless your in the rain forest there is nowhere it rains 24/7. Even under lights your plant does not need to be watered every day. Stick your finger in if its wet 2-3 inches down its fine, dry give it some water. You also can use the lift method. Pots heavy its good, light it needs water.
  5. Im glad that it this is the problem thanks guys, much appreciated!

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