My First Grow (Micro)

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    sup bro's hears some pics of my first grow on day 50 today!! would like to point out i payed no more that 20bucks for this setup ;)would love to know what you guys think :)
    i am growing in a 2ft tall 1'5ft wide and 1'5ft deep cabinet with a fan i found lying around the house
    lights: 3 23watt cfl's 
    medium: bnq multi purpose soil, 20% perlite 
    nutes cheap mg crap and sugar water 
    plants started with to bag seeds (one was a male :()
    got given too clones of some dank! i was told what they where but i forgot :L 
    sorry bout the pics they where of my phone lol


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    looking great, but they are stressed from over fertilization!
    typically we want 50-75 watts per plant. if you could get 100 watts in there for two plants, that would be good.
  3. Thanks for the advice man i'll lay of the ferts for awhile :)
    i will be getting some better lights for next time havent got the cash atm...if all goes well how much do you think they will yeild?

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