My first grow (micro cabinet)

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    So this is my first grow. I'm slightly terrified and bear with me.

    I decided to use a 24inch x34inch cabinet that I have. There is future room for width expansion. However I'm only looking to grow 1-2 plants at a time. So I thought this would do.

    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1415511354.348711.jpg

    Smell and privacy isn't a concern to me as I own my own house, but I thought I would use what I had as well. Eventually I would like to have a really nice setup.

    This is my supplies list. I figured I would start with the absolute minimum amount of supplies then gather more. I'm on a budget. And I'm also not wanting to go crazy and buy stuff I'll never use since I'm new or even know how to use..

    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1415511685.747725.jpg

    Those are the seeds I ordered. I could have sworn I ordered feminized bomb hash...but I'm just happy they came.

    8 23w cfl "daylight" bulbs which is 184 lights...I'm hoping to add more so I can add one more plant.

    I also have
    Thermometer with humid percentage
    Ventilation system
    Fox farm organic potting soil
    Pots 3"-1gal
    Light timer
    A small clip fan

    Update 11/11

    Started germinating. Seed looks cracked a bit, but hasn't sprouted through. I'm hoping tomorrow it will poke through and I can put it in soil

    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1415512316.706570.jpg

    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1415512333.513839.jpg

    Update 11/12
    Germination complete, transplanted seed into disposable cup. Put her under 18/6. I'm very nervous she won't grow!
  2. Your going to have to find a way to vent the cabinet, get the stale air out. A clip fan stirring stale air around won't do, plants don't grow without fresh air.
    You'll need those lights closer. What are the actual watts on the lights? They look a lot smaller than the 45w ones I started with.
    Painting the cabinet flat white is the easiest option.
  3. I have a shelf that adjusts with the plant growth. I don't know if you could see that in that picture. So here is a closeup. Also-- the lights are 40w

    Do you recommend a fan that I could get without any drilling?

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  4. You'll need to cut a hole in the cabinet, no choice. The airs gotta get out...
  5. Okie dokie. I'm thinking of cutting a hole in the top and putting in a vent and using the clip on the bottom so it circulates the air up.
  6. It'll help but a proper extractor fan is better, use the clip fan to keep the leaves moving.
  7. Hey thanks for your help! :) I got a proper vent and fan today to keep the air circulating
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    Are those CFL's 40w actual or equivalent?
    Don't line the walls with foil, that may cause heat spots. Look for mylar or at the least paint the walls flat white.
    Use a nonfertilized base soil that can drain quickly but also hold on to moisture well, this is important for healthy root development.
  9. Okay I'm planning on painting the inside tonight. I read a lot of no no's about the foil. 
    The 40w are 40w not equivalent. I'm going to grab some unfertilized soil tomorrow. My house is huge- but I keep the heat on. I'm hoping that I can keep the cabinet warm enough. 
    I'm 90% sure those CFL's are 40 watt equivalent which means each of those bulbs is 10 watts a pop. Which isn't enough to even grow a single plant imho. When you look at the packaging make sure it has the actual wattage on there not the replacement/equivalent. Which is why you were confused about the lumen output. 
    Get that thermometer in the cab and start noting the humidity and temp. You'll want about 75 degrees F and a Relative Humidity of 40-60 %
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    Okay thanks!  I'm going to check and get them tomorrow then!!!
    Really appreciate all the help everyone! ^_^
  12. Okay you were totally right. N00b mistake...

    So should I get 40w actual? If I get 6 40w actual cfl that would mean I have 120 actual per that okay? Or should I get lower bulbs? I have 6 light sockets and I'm hoping to grow 2 plants
  13. Yes, that would be sufficient enough, the more wattage = more lumens = more bud 😄

    Make sure to grab the 6500 kelvin ones, those are best for vegging.

    Another thought I just had, make sure the cab is light sealed so there is no light leaking into the grow cab during dark periods, you definitely want to do this before flowering otherwise plants can get confused and even stress itself to the point of becoming a hermaphrodite.
  14. ventilation, homie
  15. Got lights and ventilation under control going to start tomorrow!
  16. So the other cfls I got weren't working with any light sockets...after realizing that it was just too much of a headache, I decided to get "daylight" cfl 8 at 23w so that's 184 watts... At 5000k. Do you guys think that will be okay for one plant?

    I figured that it shouldn't be this stressful my first try...especially with lights.

    I started germinating one seed. Bomb Hash Bomb. Doesn't specify if it's feminized or hopefully that pops up soon
  17. at first week i only had like 60 w on one girl and she still grew well now im using around 140 actual watts for each plant maybe more and they seem to be doing good, so youll be good with the 23watters for now but you might want to add a couple more of those lights on your first transplant and if you angle those lights to hit every inch of your plant thats key.
    actually got a week old girl with like 50 w on her only check the pic and she still grow

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  18. Thanks man I'm going to add probably 3-4 more bulbs when I add one more plant.
  19. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1415846493.179102.jpg

    And it begins!! Planted her today. I'm super nervous and hope she grows!

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