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  1. High there all!! Have gotten lots of help already, many thanks and hats off to you that did.

    Have been gathering info and keeping track of what has happened, hopefully will help some other folks and maybe get me a few more answers as well.

    My grow space is tiny, 5'long x 12"deep x 30"high. Am hoping to add a foot or so on the bottom of the box in the future for added height, as well as a 150 to 250w HPS for flowering.

    I still have a minor venting issue but am working on that as well. The project started out slow but has taken shape recently.

    My biggest tip so far: GET YOUR SPACE UP AND RUNNING BEFORE YOU PLANT . . lol. Playing catch up can hurt your plants.

    PIC 1 - Germinating

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  2. Started seedlings . . . OH I was sooooooooooooo happy to see these but killed all but TWO /cry.

    STILL having trouble getting sprouted seeds to root in soil, any help would be appreciated . . I've tried lots of methods I will talk about later.

    PIC 2 - Seedlings

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  3. My grow box in it's WAY early stages. It's a headboard I found on the side of the road weeeeeee it was FREE. Not much room but I have no room to spare.

    Covered the seedlings, leaving too many roots exposed and burned them I think 8 (.

    PIC 3 - Early setup

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  4. Added a Daylight, 6500k, 40w, fluorescent tube as the bulbs from the fixture were OLD. Runs a LOT hotter than normal cool white tubes but the plants do like it I must say.

    Fixture was free from a friend. Am planning on adding another fixture for flowering as well. However, with a 12" deep space I need to purchase two new slimline fixtures and two more bulbs. May just do that on the second grow and save cash for the 250W HPS fixture I mentioned for flowering.

    PIC 4 - Blue tube next to old cool white

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  5. Temporary back cover for stealth reasons. Allowed more air flow than I expected as well which was good, but since I have totally closed it off, venting is an issue.

    PIC 5 - Temporary cover

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  6. Different seed germinating procedure here. Closed them off in a baggie which kept the moisture in. Far better than uncovered.

    Covered this with paper to block out light as well, another improvement.

    Had even better luck getting seeds to crack but still killed ALL of those too /cry harder.

    PIC 6 - Covered seeds germinating

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  7. THEY LIVE! Well barely, but these are the two I have managed to keep alive and root them in soil.

    They had heat stress (thank you all for the wealth of knowledge posted here, I fixed the problem 8 D ) so I moved light away and pursued fan cooling and ventilation.

    Damn they're cute!

    PIC 7 - My first two babies

    A little time elapsed here as I needed to work on the grow box and keep the plants out of it. I was burning them up.

    I put the plants in a window, altering their light cycle, but letting them sun without being overheated. In those5 days or so they regained their health, grew some and also showed their sex!!

    The smaller one is female and the larger of the two is male. Which brings up a question . . They have both now been moved back into the grow box and back on 24 hours of light, will this stress them or make them *change* sex? Not totally sure how that works or if it's a myth /shrug.

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  8. Had to repot them as they grew quite a bit while being in the sun and those peat pellets were just way to small. Scrubbed and bleached two free, plastic pots from a buddy. Used Expert Perfect Mix for the soil bought at Wal-Mart (about $5).

    Was really worried at this point as I didn't want to kill them and they were hurting already. Watered the soil, let it drain, then transferred the peat pellet containing the plant into the soil.

    Man that female looks on her death bed . . .

    PIC 8 - Repotted in 1.5 Gal or so containers

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  9. Here is a closeup of the male. Lower leaves still heat stressed but upper growth looks great. Deciding whether or not to clip the dead leaves . . .

    PIC 9 - The male at 2 weeks or so

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  10. This is the female after repotting. Heavy heat stress on this one but she is hanging in there! New growth a bit sketchy still, she just needs lots of TLC . . .

    PIC 10 - Female at 2 weeks or so

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  11. Here is the modified grow chamber in it's middle stages. Bathroom blower ($13 home store) installed directly from grow chamber to outside the grow box and added a ceiling fan hi-med-low switch ($12 home store) to control flow and noise.

    Started wiring as well, putting in an outlet to power the whole unit, power strip, fan switch and added timer.

    Covered lower area with simple white posterboard (3 for a $1 at dollar store) to keep in light and add minimum syealth, need to get that wrapped up soon.

    Am hoping to veg and germinate etc in top chamber and flower in bottom. I know it's small but it's all the room I have to work with. May extend the top and bottom both not sure how but working on it.

    PIC 11 - Grow chamber mid stages

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  12. Lower chanber of grow booth. Added the fan for cooling, stem strengthening ($6 wal-mart) and pictured is thermo-hygrometer I had from start up ($30 or so hydro store). Primitive but working.

    PIC 12 - Bottom grow chamber mid stages

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  13. Male at 3 weeks or so, still exhibiting heat stress a little as I continue to work out ventilation. I decided to trim the dead leaves also, those pics next . . .

    PIC 13 - Male 3 weeks or so untrimmed

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  14. PIC 14 - Male at 3 - 4 weeks trimmed

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  15. Female at 3 - 4 weeks after repotting. New growth almost ok, not sure why one side went bad /shrug. Looking a little yellow on top as well, will give it a few days and see what develops. Decided at this point to trim her as well, cannot hurt and may direct growing energy to healthy areas . . .

    PIC 15 - Female 3 - 4 weeks untrimmed

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  16. She looks a little thin but hopefully I can bush her out some more with a lot of TLC.

    PIC 16 - Female 3 - 4 weeks trimmed

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  17. Started to really dig into reasons for killing so many seed sprouts. Tested tap water pH and OUCH looky here . . . looks like 8+ out of the tap, time for some pH down.

    PIC 17 - High pH

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  18. Got pH down ($9 hydro store) and got system down for making pH 6 water. Flushed plants with this adjusted water then made new batch with 50% superthrive mixture added (1/8 teaspoon per gallon). No other ferts used yet.

    PIC 18 - pH adjusted whew

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  19. Female plant here at 5 weeks or so. OMG she is looking so much better woohoo. Can hardly tell where the dead foliage was cut off. This pic is after flushing and adding super-thrive 50% mixture to soil. Ventilation is way better so I am able to keep lights 2-3" away from plants with no burning. /crosses fingers . . .

    PIC 19 - Female at 5 weeks or so

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  20. Here is the male at 5 weeks or so as well. He has always been stronger and looked better. Am planning on taking this one outside to separate it from the female before flowering. Want to make him as strong as possible for the outdoors and plan on giving him some outdoor time prior to taking him there for good.

    Have also added a full spectrum fluorescent tube ($6 grow store) to go with the daylight bulb. You can see the male leaning towards the daylight bulb ; D.

    PIC 20 - Male at 5 weeks or so

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