My first grow lots of strains and pics

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  1. To start of I constructed my room wich mesures about 4' by 8'. i then got some panda film and covered everything.I decided to go with a 400 watt light with switchable ballest and a vented hood from sunsupply.I put in a exuast on the light and for the room ill update later on the room
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    Grtz and gl
  4. Anyways while im waiting on the pics i have 10 plants right now there about 23 days old now. to me they look really good when they were like 19 days i transplanted them from there small cups they were in into 1 gallon pots and they since i did that they really grew alot i started them on grow big from fox farm mixed with big bloom wich they were on already. i also have some snow whites 2 and northern lights 2 growing next door they a like 2 days old that make 14 plant all together the other 10 are papya 3 ice 3 mindbender 2 and some bagseed 2 from some good shit. i also just bought another light to go with my 400 or replace it dont know yet when they get big enough. I just dont think my little room can take the heat without an upgrade and i dont want to do that yet since i just built it lol.well gotta go to work ill have some more later and hopefully some updates about the pics.
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  6. lol come on we need some pics here.!
  7. Then upload them on imageshack and give us the links :).

  8. heres the first set if it works



  9. :hello: thats was half way through the transplanting sorry it took so long to get pics up going to get more now
  10. they are looking excellent :)
  11. thanks heres how much they grown in the couple days its been since transplanting





  12. all my dirt and nutes are by fox farm i think i have all of it i have 6 different nutes all together and i use their soil also ocean forest mixed with lightweight warrior its a great mix to me but what do i know im a noob whose been growing less then a month lol. Ive been ph testing all my water my local garden shop also called while i was at work and said the florakleen was in finaly after a damn month so i see no lockup in my future hopefully.Also while i was at work i found out one of my boyz got raided now hes in jail for a felony 5 cultivation good thing he dont know bout my little secret kinda scares me still though?:eek:
  13. Hehehe don't worry, just enjoy breeding them :D. They look healthy mate! Gl. I'll check in once in a while :D.

  14. thanks monk for being so helpfull with the pics:)
  15. plants are growing fast n looking good :)
  16. Anytime mate. I always enjoy seeing other grows, I always learn new things and such so I like to help :).

  17. thanks nicho66 I fed all the plants through seedlings when most people wouldnt i just hope I dont mess up cuz when this is done here i go :smoking: lol
  18. I went to check on my plants today most were looking good but the two tall ones had som real little spots not hardly noticable so i moved the light up a little hopfully thats what it was i also put my seedlings in the room if that problem gets worse ill show some pics im hoin it was just the light.
  19. Good Work K do

    How big do you plan on getting those girls?

    I'm expecting my beans from the Dr. anyday now can't wait ;) I almost got the papya but chose the Cali Orange instead you'll have to let me know how you like it.

    That sucks about your friend. I wonder how he got caught? I guess just be careful mate
  20. as soon as my seedlings are old enough im gonna switch to the thousand and flower them i hope they dont get to big thats why im growing mostly indica the papya is good my unc just recently grew some and it was preaty good my big plants are like 3 weeks older then the seedling

    Now for my friend hes just a dumbass he had like 63 plants carrying them in and out everyday no wounder he got cuaght i guess that what happens when you just jump in to somthing and dont research a lil

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