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  1. Hey everyone!

    I am a new grower looking to have some fun growing and smoking my crops :smoke: this will be my first time ever growing and will probably need a great amount of help along the way. i have 3 plants atm i dont know what strains they are they are from random bags and not the best of bud ethier so that brings me to my first question does it matter how good my seeds are or will it depend on my growing skills more then the seed itself??

    ~My set up~
    2 cfl lights 1x70watt and 1x24 watt
    Mirical grow soil ( ik its not the best im broke for this first grow)
    1 home made grow box out of a refrigerator id say 4.5x3x3
    some tin foil sheets to help add a little reflection

    i have 3 plants hoping for atleast one female and killing males, anything i can do to increase the chance of females?

    Grow plan
    I started 3 plants in cups outside and left them outside through the seedling stage now since they are in the veg stage i have brough them inside and put under 24-0 light for 3 days they will now be going 18-6 tonight and for a month or so then i will change to 12-12.

    How long should they be in 18-6 for till i can change to 12-12?
    also how long till i can see the sex for my plants?

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  2. thanks for the help
  3. They don't look too bad, a little stretched but they should do good..

    Come check out my grow links in my signature..
  4. Hey one quick questions
    could i send them in to a 12-12 now to see who is male and female then go back to 18-6 or will this kill them?
    Also when i change to 12-12 that will start the flowering right?

  5. Dont do that, too much stress. If you want to pre sex them, take a clipping off when you can, put it in a glass of water and under 12/12. It will live long enough to show sex.
  6. so take off a set of leafs or a whole branch?
    steam down in the water?

  7. A whole branch, bottom of stem down in water.
  8. I feel like my branches are to small for this only one set a leafs and about a inch or two of stem that big enough?
    Where will it show the sex up by the leafs?

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