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  1. So around Christmas I became really interested about growing after many years of Cannabis hurting my pockets...:p I use Cannabis daily for medical reasons but living on east coast it’s not exactly readily available all the time, much less “top shelf”. So anyways imma give y’all some details on my grow:
    Location- discreet closet
    Painted white for reflection and hole on side to run light cord out

    I didn’t order seeds I started by collecting seeds from my local sellers, bud I buy usually doesn’t have seeds so that was a task but well worth not waiting weeks/months for online seeds. So anyways I don’t know what I’m growing besides that it came from some decent bud I’ve smoked lol

    So my noob/inpatient ass planted two seeds sr8 into some miracle grow and I currently have one sprout from that planting

    Continuing with noobing I heard fox farm was very nice for growing Cannabis so I went to my local store and bought fox farm happy frog fertilizer instead of soil because that’s all they had and I thought it would be alright. I germinated 5 seeds and planted in different pots varying in different outdoor soil I dug to fertilizer mix. (Ex 30% fert /70% soil)

    So I have the miracle grow plant that sprouted and is like 15 days old and the fert/soil plant mix pots (5) that have not sprouted and it’s been a week and I’m losing hope for them. I’ve been very impatient with some of my moves bc waiting on materials to come in the mail.


    Has a light green/purple leaf from what I believe light being to close when I was trying to dial in the height but has been raised.

    also got fox farm ocean forest that finally came in the mail which I want to mix with perlite. Going to being switching miracle grow plant over to that soon. The light I have is a Mars hydro I got for 70$ bucks best one I could find for under a 100$ and it seems to be working fine so far. Anyways imma end it here Thanks for reading any advice is appreciated :) also my first post on here
  2. Hi,
    I am no expert but I'm happy to give you a few suggestions.
    I would get those in the FFOF ASAP and make sure you PH your water.
    Also It looks like the Happy Frog you got is the Fruit and Flower?
    If so you don't want to add that until week 9-12.
    And be careful with the heat the Mars gives off in a small area.
    I suggest keeping your temps under 80 degrees.

    Hope that helps, Good luck
  3. Ffof is a pretty hot mix out if the bag so fertilizer may not be needed until you start flowering.
    If you're interested in organic growing i would suggest reading a couple threads found in the organics sub forum stickies here. There's quite alot of valuable information there, particularly the no till revisited thread and easy soil mix for beginners thread.
    Some common newb mistakes tend to be over watering, not enough air circulation, high temperatures, over fertilizing, and undersized pots.
    Over watering can be prevented in a couple ways: fabric pots help a lot! They're cheap and effective. They also eliminate the need for repotting. The thing i like about them is that they wick moisture and lend themselves very well to sip setups. There's a couple tried and true methods of keeping pots properly watered until you get a feel for what the plants want and how they react. Method one is getting a feel the weight of the pot when it's dry and when it's well watered. When you feel the weight of the pot getting closer to the dry weight than the wet weight, water. The second method is poke your finger in the dirt and if anything sticks to your finger, no need to water. Sips completely eliminate any of the guess work from watering though, can't suggest it enough.
    Air circulation is pretty crucial to maintain a proper environment. A 4 inch inline fan can be found really cheap and will be more than enough. Get one with a speed controller built in or get a stand alone speed controller. They're cheap and allow you to really dial in your environment. You will also need to add a small clip on fan to move the air around the cabinet. I found if a put the fan blowing down the space between canopy and light i was able to keep my light considerably closer. This will also help in preventing mold and some pests.
    Heat can be fixed by adding the circulation mentioned above and maintaining proper light distance. Most people keep the mars 300 18-30 inches away during vegging and 12 or so inches during flower.
    Over fertilizing is super easy to fix. Don't add any until you actually need to. More harm will come from adding too much than too little. It is also mitigated by getting away from pre mixed ferts and subscribing to the no till method mentioned before.
    Undersized pots is also an easy one to fix. Anything less than 3 gallons is gonna hurt you in soil. I really like my 7 gal. I've used everything from 1 liter soda bottles to huge Rubbermaid toats. I like v the 7 gallon because they're big enough to grow trees but not too big too move. Wet 15 gallon pots are freaking heavy.

    I hope this helps. Good luck in your journey and remember to find enjoyment in what you're doing. I think most of us tend to over stress things in the beginning and it leads to problems. Lastly, slow down. Impatience and marijuana cultivation cannot co exist. Rushing things usually ends up hurting harvest.

    the quantum leap: indoor multi strain perpetual organic journal
    Indoor organic
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  4. Here's a chart to help you maintain a proper environment. [​IMG]

    the quantum leap: indoor multi strain perpetual organic journal
    Indoor organic
  5. Great info!
    You cant get better advise then that!
  6. Thanks for the detailed reply, I am very interested in using a fabric pot that is one of the reasons I haven’t repoted yet. I also have a small fan I keep in the closet on low setting (which still blows pretty hard) and leave the door cracked when possible for max ventilation.

    It’s been a fast grower last few days since I raised light and gave a little bit more water ( I was under watering not getting soil decently soaked when I watered). Again I appreciate your wisdom
  7. [​IMG][​IMG]
    Update photos

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