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  1. Hey Everyone! ive finally saved enough money to start my first grow project. Its all for my personal use (sick of the shady bullshit) and i have a huge interest in growing things. I would like to get some advice from some people who really know what there talking about on here ( really appreciated)

    Here is what i have purchased so far

    STEALTH HYDROPONICS/bubbleponics system

    i chose the DUAL SPECTRUM 65 WATT
    OUTPUT : 3,400 Lumens Each (x2) = 6,800 Lumens total

    i also have purchased a LED light panel like this one but around 90W 660nnm red and and 450nnm blue...

    so now i am stuck. i cant decide wether to purchase a grow tent or to just build my own. i kinda would like it to be a closet grow that is really hidden.. stealth, its called right? i either have a choice of growing it in the attic with freezing cold temps right now... my closet... or just in a grow box

    is there a certain height it needs to be if i built it? any advice on good dimensions? or does that depend on the seeds which leads me to my next question...

    what are some safe and reliable sites to get some good seeds from? i def want to grow pure indica to reduce my anxiety.
  2. I would go with a grow box, this way you can vent it out (get carbon filter kills smell), plus it will be best way to monitor temperature. As for size depends on plants and how big you want them. I recommend you get some auto flowering, that grow quick and don't grow too big. No point in building box until you decide the size. Mostly you have to worry about height, maybe look LST this is a great way to keep height down but your system probably would not go good with that, maybe check into sea of green. good luck
  3. If you're going to do 6 plants in that tub, definitely auto flowering types would be good. Basicaly sea of green right there.

    If you do indica types, you need to only do a couple or 3 plants in that tub, 3-4 months of growing is an AMAZING amount of roots. Indicas do lend it bushy shorter plants but they can get really lanky if you don't have plenty of light, just like any other plant looking for the sun.

    I love my closet grow. If you have box you basically have to keep people out of that room. If you do a nice stealth closet, no one will ever pay any attention to it, as long as there's not excessive sound coming from it, and of course no light is escaping.

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