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  1. So I finally have all of my supplies for my first op. I've been patient for about a 2 months before starting germination. I wanted to make sure to read at least 3 reliable sources to make sure I could really do this. The books I used were "small spaces, big yeilds" by Read Spear, "The Soil Method" Spliff Odyssey, and "Growing Cannibus Indoors" by Anthony Teller. All were great resources to get everything setup. I'm extremely excited to hear what anyone has to say. Tips, resources and links to your own are the best!

    To start I'm going to go through my supplies list:

    1. 2 Mars Hydro 600w-267true wattage

    2. Apollo Horticulture 2x4 grow tent

    3. 2 12 in. Honeywell fans

    4. Hydro farm germination station

    And a few other minimal things.

    I got quite a few different strains using Attitude seed bank, and actually got 4 freebies with the order.

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  2. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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    Auto Berry Ryder
    Auto Transiberian
    Auto Pounder With Cheese
    Auto diesel berry
    OG kush

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  3. And here's a picture of the setup before germination. Any tips before I germinate tonight? Has anyone out there used the Hydrofarm Germination Station?

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  4. I'm planning on staggering the plants 2 at time through each cycle so they won't all be blooming at the same time. We're in an apartment where growing isn't legal, so we can't overwhelm the house and/or neighbors with 6 plants blooming at the same time. I don't think this will be a problem when I add the 3rd 600w Mars Hydro Led after the second set go down. Anyone out there doing something like this?

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    If you turn those lights sideways I don't think you should "need" more light. My opinion is that those two lights could adequately illuminate your 2'x4' space. Then you could probably fit 8 autos in there. Also, google "DIY Carbon Filter" You can control odors and it will be very easy and inexpensive to make.

    If I can make a suggestion as well, one of those fans is going to be plenty for that tent. I would hang it on one side and have it blowing air between the lights and the tops of the plants. Or, as you have it now but blowing towards the wall of the tent on an angle, creating wind flow instead of aiming them right at the plants.

    I'll be watching this [​IMG] Good luck.

    I'm doing something a little different here, but around the same size so we can compare. I'm not sure what my lights draw at the wall in total during flower but it will max out at 450W.
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  6. Thanks so much! I thought turning them sideways would work as well. I will definitely do some research into those DIY Carbon Filter also! Do you think staggering 4 plants at a time would be more efficient after finding a way to control the smell?

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  7. Yeah absolutely. I'm not familiar with auto strains, though I don't see any problem with doing that. Like I said, if it were me I'd just put in 8 right now and go for it.

    But I just had an idea. If you put in 7 Autos and the OG and set the light for 18 on 6 off, by the time your autos finish you could have a nice OG mother plant ready to donate some clones :) That would be pretty efficient.
  8. if you arent already. you need to go organic. well you dont need to but if you want best quality smoke you should definatly go organic. I highly reccomend you go here and do alot of reading

    DONOT over tend to your plants. i have seen plants loved to death. dont over water, or overwater. Some people water multiple times a day without problem and some people water every three days. everybody will tell you diffrent ways of doing it. Personally i think once you start growing you get to know your plants and you just know when to water. if i were you id just water when the soil starts drying out

    i assume you know all about light cycles also. 18/6 for veg and 12/12 for flower.

    Definatly read this or risk ruining your buds by curing them improperly. I have ruined buds by not curing them properly so dont make the same mistake as me! If your going to make all this effort you may aswell take the time to cure properly!!!

    Just keep it simple. ther isnt really a whole lot to it, dont overfeed your plants and bomb them with excessive nuitrents. idealy you want to build a organic soil with everything in it that your plants need. You simply water them when they need it with clean pure water and you can grow some amazing shit and it will be the cleanest purest weed youv ever smoked.

    The key to growing amazing weed is genetics you should look at bodhi seeds for your next grow for sure man. elite seeds no joke. You should defiantly grow the og kush. i just finished growing a dinafem og kush and it was the best quality bud of the whole grow. next i plan to grow bodhi seeds muwahahahahahha

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    Thanks man I really appreciate it! I've read up on the lighting, but your on point with me need some knowledge on curing. I saved that link that you sent, and Thanks to @seneimillan I've got the info I need for staggering them out. I'm doing an organic grow using The scientific soil quoted in the book "small spaces big yields." The author sells her own start to finish soil premixed at her company with everything you need with ph balance done.

  10. Thanks for that info on the carbon filter sir. After talking with my fiancé about the carbon filter and Exhaust fan we decided to up it to 3 staggering at a time. Just to not get overwhelmed with my first grow, to control the smell, and have plenty of final product

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  11. also forget the seed germination dome. This was my first run at seeds and I'm sure becuz of that thing I only had 4/7 seeds germinates.

    I recommend soaking seeds and just planting them in solo cups with soil and cover with wrap. When I did this for the last 3 seeds I had 100%
  12. I just got the girls soaking @ 6pm so I'll be back to check on them tomorrow.
    The term I've learned today for what I'm doing is called a "perpetual harvest," which means I'm staggering 3 plants at a time through each stage of life. Seedling, vegetation, and flowering. To make sure I'm not overwhelmed by to much happening at once, or by the smell. I've decided to germinate the Auto Diesel Berry, the Auto Trans Siberian, and the Auto Pounder w/ Cheese. I'm going to meditate and give the babies some positive vibrations and love [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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    Day #2 Planting Day
    Now that I let my seeds germinate in a glass of tap water for 24 hours exactly, I moved them over to the soil! I poked a hole about 1/4 of an inch and dropped the seeds in. I just pushed a little of the top soil over the hole until the soil was even. Using the thermometer/humidity monitor, and the germination station's dome without the heating pad, I'm hoping we have manifested 3 beautiful baby marijuana sprouts!

    Also I've completely rearranged the lights, fan, and wiring to be able to sustain 3 plants on each side during the perpetual harvesting process.
    If anyone has any constructive advice I'd love to hear it, and also thanks for reading! Peace, love and nameste you guys
  14. Ok It's day #8 and I've had so much progress with these babies through the past couple of days with all the updating. To catch everyone up...
    First we'll start with Auto Transiberian:
    She's happy, healthy and germinated on the 6th day
    Next is Auto Diesel Berry:
    She's actually had a couple of issues through her sprouting stage. She germinated yesterday morning but came out super crooked. This morning I got up and her stem was completely unrooted by itself. I'm not sure why that happened, but I was able to pick her up off the soil and replant her. After that, watering her, and giving her some light she is about to be fully sprouted by tomorrow. Her stem still looks a bit swirly though
    Last but not least! #3 Auto pounder w/ Cheese:
    She has been completely quite until this morning and a couple hours after watering and lights, she finally poked the tip of her stem with the seed still attached.
    She's resting right at the top of the medium

    It seems they each picked a day to sprout towards the beginning of my panic. I was told I takes no more than a week which I've figured out isn't a guarantee, but if you guys see any problems that I'm over looking please let me know! I'll be posting everyday from here on. Peace, love and nameste you guys

  15. Need some help! So it's day #13 and all the girls have sprouted excellent, and there cotyledons are perfect and there true leaves are staring to show. At what point am I suppose to report them in to the bigger 5 gallon pots I've prepared? [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

  16. Sent those pots they're in right now made to be put straight into soil?

    If so then do that whenever your ready.
  17. I was thinking of transplanting them into the soil though to avoid root lock later down the road. Will the roots get locked in there? Does it break down in the soil or something? If so how does it do that?

  18. I would wait till they are root bound, or near before putting in a bigger pot, and I would take it out of that mulch pot it is in. I hope this helps
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  19. The pots you have then in are PLANTABLE !!!

    Just put the whole thing into your 5 gal pots when ready

    Do not attempt to remove them from those pots you have them in now. The roots can be tangled into it but that is fine. Plant it straight into new pots
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  20. I personally don't use that type of pot. At least with my experiences with them When you transplant you might hear a root or two break off but it shouldn't hurt the plant to bad.

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