My First Grow: Kandy Kush & Chocolate Rain

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    :hello:I was finally able to get on the real computer, not my i-pad, and upload the latest shots of my girls. I an on Day 33 of Flower right now, these shots are from Sunday.
    I made lots of mistakes in my noobness, and my girls are a bit stretchy, but I am happy with them, since they are my first survivors! I had killed the first two batches of seedlings and have learned lots from my mistakes! Althjough, I continue to have some nute burn problems. Next on my list to buy is a ppm meter, which I don't have yet.

    So, all about my grow! I am growing in a Hydrofarm Emily's Garden, which I believe is a wick system. My main lighting: 1-125 Watt CFL (all bulbs are currently 6500K for Flower), 1-55 Watt CFL, 1-42 Watt CFL (had 2 42 Watters, but one burned out) 2-23 Watt CFLs. As Side lighting I have 1 225 bulb (PAR38, 14 Watt) Multi-spectrum LED Panel and a all Red LED Spot (PAR38, 14 Watt). Other equiptment I am using: Intake and Exhaust fans (the intake fan blows down right on my plants), Humidifier with fan (blows on my girls from the bottom), ceramic heater, submersible heater for my res (haven't needed that). I am using GH Flora Series, as per manufactures instructions, at 1/2 strength. For pH down, I use apple cider vinegar (I have regular pH down, but was told vinegar is better). Hardly ever need to use pH up, unles I add too much vinegar to the water. I use distilled water to try to make up for the lack of a ppm meter and because I don't know what is in my well water.

    About My Grow Room:
    My grow room is in a cedar-lined closet in my basement. Due to not being allowed (DH says NO PAINT on the cedar) to paint the closet flat white and serious money constraints when I started up, I simply lined the walls with foil (just one of my mistakes, but better than nothing). Homemade reflectors for my lights made from aluminum pans. The cedar absorbs moisture, so I use a humidifier to keep the RH between 35 % and 50%. Temps run between 77 degrees F (lights on) and 68-69 degrees F (lights off). My heater runs 24/7 to maintain these temps. I also add peroxide to my res for added oxygen and to kill harmful bacteria.

    Well, I can't think of anymore info to include, so this very long post will now come to an end with some shots of my girls.

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  2. More Pics!

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  3. So, I have been having some nute burn issues with my Kandy Kush. I actually think it's a deficiency of something because even using my nutes at 1/4 strength instead of half strength hasn't fixed the problem. My 3 Chocolate Rains aren't showing any signs of nute burn. I was hoping to buy more lights, but I guess I can no longer deny that a ppm meter is a must. I'll have to run down to Harvest Moon on Saturday. Hopefully, I can pick one up fairly cheaply.
    No weed for me this week, I guess! I can't wait for harvest time! Even though I made mistakes and won't have a huge yield, I'm thinking I should get at least an ounce per Chocolate Rain and 1/2-3/4 ounce from Kandy.
    Since I am growing just for my own stash that's fine! The goal is to not have to deal with a 23 year old kid, light bags or seed laden bags! Not to mention that I think it's CRAZY to pay $60 for an 1/8 of pot that's just okay.
    I may not be young anymore, but back in the day it was $30 for an 1/8 of really good weed.
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