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    Ok herex the 6th day of my first. Grow, and last night I got a time and put it on 20/4
    and when I awoke I saw this

    Under 200watss cfls
    Water, when I thinks its dry
    In miracle grow moisteture control
    I have nytes, but haven't added em yet
    As said on 20/4 cycle ( thinking bout puting it on 18/6 next week)

    Have a fan and a hole to take the air, haven't got the other fan yet

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  2. aww look at the little babies! we going to need more info on your plants if you want us to help.
    container size?
    watering schedule?
    any nutes? please tell me you have not giving it any nutes
    what strain? or sativa or indica at least?
  3. Cool looks like my plants are just a little bit older than yours
  4. looks good now they will establish a mighty root system and start to grow off tits.
  5. Nice what kind of seeds? do you know?
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    There bag seeds, so I don't know I have 4 all the same age, sum stronger than others,
  7. The 7th day, looks like there is there sets of leaves

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  8. lookin good dude l.
  9. Good shit. Where ya got em at? Closet, box, pc case?
  10. This where they are

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  11. Kool, u can help me out
  12. Tucked in the dresser, that's a great spot. Do you have any kind of ventilation or fan in there?
  13. better start reading up on lst or scorg growing techs... that spot is going to be way small for 3 plants. if they are sativa they will grow through the roof with no problem
  14. Im going to start lst when I top it
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    New set of leaves 3 hands , should I start lst now and top later r top now then lst

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  16. no, you cant top now, there isnt enough growth yet.

    wait till the third node
  17. I got 6 bagseeds that are now 7 days old the pic is in my sig! I have it on a 18/6 schedule now and im amazed how fast they grow. Can't wait to see if there all female! Good luck on your grow!

  18. Im doing the same, I only got 3 now, I droped one during transplantation...but they are going like crazy I am starting lst on one now

  19. Wow already huh? Are you soil?
  20. Yea, miracle grow, I heard it a bad way to go but the babies are turning out really strong the main stem I think....

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