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  1. alright this is my first grow journal. i vegged some clones i picked up from a medicinal dispensary in LA...white widow, strawberry cough, and shiva skunk...for about a month under around 170 watts of cfls, a mix of cool white and daylight. they seemed to love it. the first two pics are of them under some fluorescent to give an idea of their true color, this was right before i flowered them. and the last pic is under my 1000 watt hps. i hope they dont get shocked by the transition to such a bright light but hopefully since theyre goin from 24/0 to 12/12 theyll have the dark period to recuperate. for my size crop is yeast n sugar for CO2 gonna have any significant effect if the grow area is a big open space? also i was wondering how viable taking clones are after the plant has been in 12/12 for over a week. thanks for checkin out my grow

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  2. looks good and i doubt theyll go into shock. They should be good
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