My first grow journal and growing autos with cfl

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  1. First off im Kevieboy420 and im a noob to growing and ive also chose to grow autos due their speed and my lack of space. My set up is as follows
    24"x 24"x 64" grow tent
    195 cfm 4" inline fan pulling air out through the top vent and pushing it through my carbon filter
    A diy hood with 4 85w{actual} 6500k cfls
    A 4gal rubbermaid tote bubbleponics dwc grow system
    A humidifier made for small rooms
    A 16" clip on osicilating fan
    A jerry rigged intake fan ran from my window fan
    im now on day 8 of my grow of auto-bubble. I germinated 4 seeds using the cup of water and damp paper towel technique all 4 seeds germinated and then i set them into starter plugs and put them into my bubbleponics dwc grow system and covered my net pots with solo cups until the feeder leaves popped. I then started my 24/7 veg growth light cycle. In the begining i had bad temp and humidity levels. Ive since added a humidifier for small rooms and i jerry rigged a intake fan utilizing my window fan but with it being so cold out i was having issues with it getting to cool in my tent even with it on low. I just moved my clip on fan over by the intake hose vent inside my tent running it on low(before moving my clip on fan temp was 88 and humidity at 35%) now temp has dropped to 81.6 and humidity is at 58%. I had to pull one plug because i think it died now i have three plants left but 2 of them look sickly(will post pics of them later including pics of my set up). ph was at 6.25.

  2. In veg I dont worry to much just try keep my temps between 24c and 29c as long as they dont go to high/low its all good, when they start flowering is the time to make sure conditions are perfect

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  3. Whats the temp in f? Lol. Ok ive just been driving my self nuts with trying to be right on with all my grow conditions lolSent from my SCH-S738C using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  4. Same as try to keep it under 29c and over 24c I keep my humidity between 30% and 40% in flower thats the main thing to stop bud rott , my temps have been up to 32c on occasion never done any harm as long as its not constant

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  5. Ok thank you and i hope you follow my grow and offer more advice. Itd be greatly appreciated.Kevieboy420
  6. Yeah will do put sum pics up pal

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  7. I will i need to take some updated pics later tonightKevieboy420
  8. What light cycle do you recommend btw?Kevieboy420
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    If im not mistaken 20/4 should be good for an auto. I started with 20/4 then switched to 18/6.
  10. I heard alot of different cycles work like 24/7 20/4 18/6 and 24/7 for veg then dropping to either 20/4 or 18/6 for flower. Its so damn confusing and my seeds didnt have it listed lolKevieboy420
  11. You can run 20/4 or 18/6 the while time and youll be fine.
  12. Oh ok cool. Now will it hurt them if i change it because i was gonna do 24/7 veg then drop to 20/4?Kevieboy420
  13. That will be fine
  14. Ok heres my set up sorry about the horrible quality my phone sucks lolKevieboy420
  15. The light cycle im doing or the change to 20/4? LolKevieboy420
  16. 195 cfm inline fan and carbon filter Kevieboy420

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    My exhaust vent pulling out through my cf and my diy hood and 4-85w(actual)6500k cflsKevieboy420

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  18. My jerry rigged intakeKevieboy420

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  19. Now updated pics. I added a humidifier and moved my clip fan over by my intake and shut my window fan off and letting the clip fan pull in cool fresh airKevieboy420

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  20. Now for the babies. I think my the one in the left front pot died. And why are the leaves on my back one yellowing?Kevieboy420

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