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    So this is my first time posting in this forum and its my first time growing so lets see if we can do it right.
    going to be posting pics and updating you guys as we go. so far my plants have just started growing(1 day sprouted)and they are looking at least to me they are. I got 4 plants but im going to be giving one to my neighbor cuz he gave me the seeds.  he said he got it from his boss and it was jack herer but who knows. i got them under some supper shity 9 w cfls(3) im hoping they can last me till i get some better watts. speaking of what kind of wattage would be good for growing plants in veg state till i can toss em outside. any way this has been my first update hopefully i get some help on this grow cuz i def can do it on my own oh yea im using miracle grow too

  2. Read the stickies on growing for beginners. Some helpful starter points though.

    - get rid of the mirical grow. It has times released nutes and will burn your plants. I would advice looking into fox farms line up.

    - for those 3 plants I would get either a 150-250 MH or higher wattage CFLs. Maybe even just get a 250-400 HPS. Just make sure you can vent/ control temps if you get one of these.
  3. I read almost everything just need more specialized help. everyone says miracle grow sucks but they really improved their recipe for what i heard we will see. i got a free sample of some nutes hopefully they sent me a email saying "Send him one each of the 5 oz packets and a pocket guide.
    john" they should be here just about the same time as i should be feeding it to them so perfect. as for lights i want to stick with shit i can throw in a reg socket any links to some god light would be great if not ill just get some 67k cfl 40w or something oh yea i want to ask something
    if i rip the fist 2 cm of a spout leaves and all then replant that will it grow  back  or is it fuck and will the left over root grow a neew set of leaves lol
  4. oh yea when/how should i start to bring my plants outside
  5. so im going to be getting a sampler from espoma and 2 8 oz bottles of dyna-grows grow(7-9-5) and bloom(3-12-6) formula is there anything else i should or will this get me some good buds
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    update .. all the plants have sprouted and looking nice n green I removed the lamp shaders and added and extra cfl i just found so now every plant has a light grow baby grow baby grow also I now understand this should be under outdoor grow journal

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  7. Congrats on those sprouts.
    About moving the plants outdoors... just wait till they're bigger. Maybe on their 2nd or 3rd node if you're gonna keep them in pots.
    Don't rush things and it'll be ok.
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    DAY 3 looking good im putting them in the window seal for about 3 hours a day to let them get some good natural light looks like its working

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  9. Id get some fans on those babies.
  10. should i ? i worry it would be to cold then i have the window open 24/7 a foot or 2 away from them
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    day 6 and i think its going great but my friend told me this is some indica and not sativa and i think so to by the way the leafs look also got my nutes in the mail yesterday and im wondering if these will be good for my grow?

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  12. If you put your Corvette tires onto a Chevette it does not become a Corvette.
    \nPlease stop calling that cannabis strain Jack Herer. It is not. Thank you.

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