My First Grow! Indoor Rubbermaid tub Aeroponics.

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    So this is my first post in the documentation of my very first cannabis grow! I'm in the very beginning stages, like very beginning stages. I don't even have my equipment yet but that's all on the agenda for this weekend, i just wanted to get a head start on starting a thread for you all to subscribe to and hopefully give me some good advice and tips!

    I'm planning on building a 5'x7' grow closet in my garage but I'm a little worried about how I'm going to regulate the temperature in there. We tend to get heat in the 90s here and the garage is a sauna a lot of the time. Is it just a totally bad move to even try to grow here or do you guys maybe have some tips that you've used to cool down your rooms?

    Thanks for checkin it out, I'm gonna keep updating it as my build gets finished (should be within the week) and when I start building my aeroponics setup (also planning on within the week). Any tips or guidance would be greatly appreciated too!

    Also if I ask questions of things that may have been asked a million times, I apologize. I'm totally new to this, currently reading a couple books to learn and trying to take this challenge head on you know! :bongin:
  2. So I still haven't started yet, but I got paid today! So I'm gonna run some errands and pick up all the things I need to at least get the aeroponic system built. I'm planning on using an 18 gallon Rubbermaid Roughneck tub with a pvc spray system and 6 net pots up top. Not sure what kind of pump and stuff yet, I'm hoping to pick that up. When I get all the parts I'll put pictures up.

    I also visited my local hydroponics shop and saw they had prebuilt dark room tents for like 260...did some online research and found a great one 4x4x7' for like 109 bucks! I'm thinking of doing this instead of building the room, just buy one for my vegetation room and one for my flowering room. Easy for me. Anyways, I'm medicated so I thought I'd update.

  3. Garages sheds, and attics often make a hard grow. MJ lives fine in 90 degree heat but its metabolic rate ceases just about and your plant will not grow. Its happy temp is 75-80 about.

    Unless you use active cooling...blowing ac into that room any passive cooling you use you will not get below ambient temps. MJ also does very very poorly to dying in cold weather.

    For the most part mj likes temps that people like.
  4. a garage grow doesnt sound like the best idea security would be a issue and the heat you would be surprized how hard it is to keep temps down in bedroom and garages get very hot do you have a basement or unused closet that would be better if you must grow in garage then get a window a/c unit but youll need a lot of btus
  5. :confused: oh no! Luckily I have another option. We have a front room that we don't have anything in and I'm planning on getting a couple grow tents anyways, so I could put em there BUT I'm super worried about the smell in the house. I know I could build a carbon filter but in your guys' experience how well do those actually work?

  6. In all honsety the smell of cured dried MJ is 1000x times stronger then any plant at least to me.

    Carbon Filter works wonders...also get some ONA stuff youll be fine.
  7. thanks! Me and my roommates are all medical but we rent our house so we were worried about smelling up the place. We smoke outside or in the garage but inside seems so much easier for growing! I'm definitely gonna try that! Can't wait to go shopping!
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    here's a picture of what grow tent I'm planning on getting...

    any comments/experiences?
  9. So quick update for those who are reading, picked up all the supplies I need for my grow system, here's some pics of the stuff...

    I definitely got way too much pvc but I figure better to have more than less.
    If you guys know anything good/bad about the pumps I got lemme know, but the guy at the local hydro shop said that it's good quality and made in America if you can believe it. :eek:

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