My First Grow. Indoor Hydro DWC PPP strain

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by loltyy, May 9, 2016.

  1. Hey Everyone, I'm brand new to the forum and im loving browsing all the threads and posts :)

    I decided to throw together all the pictures I've taken since starting my beautiful ladies I've put dates on all of the pictures so you can easily follow along the growing process. I put the seeds in water to germinate on March 16th, 2016. Let me know if i missed anything important in explaining my setup, i kinda just threw this together. Please feel free to comment, ask questions and constructively criticize.

    - PurePowerPlant from Nervana Seeds
    -One unknown seed (ended up being male anyway)

    - 600W HPS/MH hybrid inside a cooltube

    - General Hydroponics Flora Series (Micro, Gro, Bloom)
    - Great White Premium Mycorrhizae

    Grow Tent:
    - 3ft x 3 ft x 6ft

    - standard 6inch above canopy on low
    - standard 9inch below canopy on low
    - 6inch 400CFM inline fan to keep the light cool

    I will try and keep this up to date as much as i can. I hope this will help some other new grower in some way and hopefully you guys can teach me some new tips and tricks for the rest of this grow and for future ones :)
    3-25-16.jpg 4-1-16.jpg 4-5-16.jpg 4-7-16.jpg 4-9-16.jpg 4-14-16.jpg 4-17-16.jpg 4-21-16.jpg 4-24-16.jpg 4-29-16.jpg 5-2-16.jpg 5-7-16.jpg 5-8-16.jpg
  2. Looking great loltyy. Out of curiosity, do you get a bit of a soft red residue or scum on the inside of your resivore? I use the same nuts and i was wondering if the scum was a side effect of the GH.
  3. I have not seen anything like that inside my res. might be something else you got going on?

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