My First Grow - Indoor Diesel Ryder

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    Hello! I am a total newcomer to this site and a total newbie when it comes to growing. I bought 10 diesel ryder seeds for 4.50 euros. I started germinating my seeds at 3rd of june this year. Right now one baby is planted and is growing on my window-bed, absorbing daylight and fresh air from wind (you can also see her in the picture). In the picture you can see my seeds. I also put few of them in a glass cup and now they are germinating in paper towel.  I am planning to build a tiny pc-growbox for them. I am not sure about the sex right now (ofcourse), but we'll see. The growbox will probably be built with 2 regular computer fans, and the lights are going to be 2700k and 6500k CFL-lights. I don't have them right now and i will go shopping in a few days. I am waiting for your comments, criticism and anything that can help me!
    I am not sure if they sell clf lamp socket adapters, so i can connect it directly to my power-outlet. If not i'll work something out. Also im planning to cover the PC in aluminium foil, what does grasscity think about that?
    7th of june edit..
    Just planted second girl to a pot, the root was a bit messy but i hope its alright


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