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My First grow Hydrologically

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by Pastivity, May 22, 2010.

  1. Day 31 Flower Cycle
    Quick update, the plants are doing well they are both still growing new foliage. No pistils yet but if its gonna happen it will be soon.
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    Flower Cycle Day 31 Cont.
    Before the lights went out I had taken some pics with my old camera because the forum says "Upload Errors P1010020.1.JPG: Upload of file failed." Anyone else had similar issues with a new camera? I had also purchased a 3000k light florescent bulb to replace the 4500k it originally came with.

    Here are some close ups.

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  3. Guess I figured out the problem with my new camera pics being uploaded. Had to crop the $hit out of it the dimensions were off even though it was under the 5MB max for jpeg image. Same pic as above but HD.

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  4. looks like things are getting close bro! Im excited for you :hello:.

    Yeah dude, you gotta make sure those photos are under size in MB and in pixel size, the uploader is s realy picky , but its all for the good.

    Anyway, your girls are just being stubborn, typical girl to make you :D.

    Maybe you try dinner and a movie, might work! Jk bro, keep up the good work and detail..
  5. Day 32 Flower Cycle
    Haha purplechango, I think I may need to bribe these two a little more than that.:p
    Today no change on the primordias. They just keep getting taller and wider no signs of anything special :( :smoking:

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    It is true that males have a higher likelihood of showing first, but its not a guarantee. I do agree with what you are saying about the primordia, however, on my hermie plant, it did have single pollen sacks shoot forth. They are not always in clusters.

    These plants are healthy. If there was something wrong w/ your watering, feeding, PH, etc it would show in your leaves. There is only one culprit to the slow progression of the various stages of your grow and its the lighting. I certainly dont want to rag on LED's because I do believe that source of lighting is where the future of indoor cultivation is headed and I fully support that. The problem is that the technology is just not at an effective level for cost.

    I can only imagine how much you have spent on these 6 panels and how frustrating the idea of leaving them behind must feel. I know that you just added two more panels and I think you should give it one to two more weeks to see if there is a noticeable step forward.

    If not, ditch the LED's, sell them on Craigslist or Ebay and move on the HID's or CFL's.

    By the way, what are the specs of those panels? How many watts and Lumens are they rated for? Also, what make and model are they?

    *EDIT* Pic 4 in post 82 looks like a male. Didnt notice this top before. Start a thread in absolute beginners forum w/ that pic asking the pros to confirm sex to be sure though.
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    Before The Lights Went Out
    Finally I have a confirmed sex for Plant #1. Its a BOY. I am just happy to get it out of the way. Enjoy the pics they should be helpful for those who haven't seen it before in person like I did. They showed within 12 hours! From nothing to all that.

    Zerostar, yea I spent about 200$ now with the six and the new florescent bulb I added. This was supposed to be an experiment grow turned semi-serious for curiosity reasons. The lighting was my downfall. They are 14w ea. As far as lumen goes, I don't have a meter for that here.

    One thing I will say is as soon as I added the last two full red panels, the plants seemed to have a visible growth spurt. I say I need three of these panels for a medium plant. Which I now have plus the florescent.

    I know that what the company claims are exaggerated. They claim to have the equivalent of a 150w HPS :laughing: Maybe the 56w LEDs. Reason I didn't buy those was because they want the same price as a 400w HPS for them. :eek:

    Another problem was venting. I have limited venting and a 400w HPS or MH would cook the inside of my tent as it is. I would have to invest in an A/C for the tent because of my current location. Cost is what holds me back

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  8. I see, I see. Well, its good that there has been an improvement since the other panels were added. If you end up w/ a female you should be able to take it through flowering then.

    Do you have the capability to tie in to your existing duct work for your houses AC? Thats what I ended up doing. I had to cut some holes in walls and run ducting but it wasnt that hard.
  9. I am going to end this journal due to the fact that I am no longer going to be growing this last one to term. :laughing: I am going to take a look when the lights come on for the last time to see if anything interesting occurred. Next grow journal is linked below. Set to begin immediately.

    I can't do any cutting here what so ever, and as far as the a/c goes, the one in my room in not working properly. It is one of the ones that comes with the place if you know what I mean. The only solution I can work with is to save up for a portable a/c to the inside unfortunately. But for Part II, I may not have the same issues. Take a look


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