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My First grow Hydrologically

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by Pastivity, May 22, 2010.

  1. You might be just fine. I know mine took a couple weeks to show gender. It's frustrating waiting to see what you have, though!
  2. Day 13 Flowering Cycle
    The pictures are a little fuzzy but, the pre flowering areas are visible. The good thing so far is that they appears to be only one of whatever it is in the location. As opposed to a male plant which most likely gets a cluster forming in the same location. I added some pictures for the people who are wondering about LEDs for primary or secondary lighting. The plants love it :D These pics where taken this morning.

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    Flower Day 23
    Hello all, I'm back to give a long awaited update. After 23 days of 12/12 I still have not seen anything suggesting male or female flowers. :mad:
    Three out of the four plants have continued to show growth and vigor. The exception is plant #1. I have begun a sick plant thread to explain the issues, but as of this morning the plant had lost an additional leaf that was still pale green looking. The sick plant thread goes on to explain the magnitude of my problem a little further as far as the damage goes.

    So far the issue with plant #1 is the older lower leafs, but as the days go on the younger leafs are also in danger of being affected. I will cover the progress of plant #1 in the sick plant thread. (Added to signature)

    Here are some new pics. I have one over 24 inches tall, getting extremely dense, and getting difficult for me to look at the stem for the flowers now. If you have any tips on my current grow or helping my sick plant please leave a comment on either thread. Thanks and keep :smoking:

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  4. Before the lights went out
    Plant #1 has gotten better than it was four and a half days ago. The "fix" had done its job. Later today when the lights come back on, I will see if the problem is truly resolved.
  5. hey man, any sign of flowering yet??

    Glad to hear that the leaf issue could be resolved. I actually noticed that my plants are losing some of the lower leaves, I'm thinking maybe its just to save some extra energy for the bud making process? Just a thought lol
  6. Wow it's been a while, they're getting big! That plant looks pretty sativa with the tall spindly look. Some sativas can take a while to show being that they are long bloomers, so I've been told. Rock them LED's!!!
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    Day 24 Flower Cycle
    Last night I put to rest plant # 4. It was a tough decisions to make and took me two months to do. Ultimately, my set up was to only accommodate one or two fully grown plants. (due to current lighting) The next in line to get Ripped was plant #3 which had FIM'ed it self early on and was stunt for about 2 to 3 weeks. The sizes are as follow, Plant #1 19", Plant #2 25.5", and Plant #3 which is my back up is @ 11 inches.

    I have a few questions for anyone to answer, how often are people feeding their flowering plants? As needed or at least once a week? I understand every other watering but, is that just a weeks worth at the same intensity or are people increasing little by little?

    Thanks, no signs of sex yet. I was a little concerned about the loss of lower/oldest leafs falling off but, the plant continues to sprout new leafs and branches so a few old ones for a new set is worth it. It may be that they need that energy for budding who really knows. Sounds good to me ;)

    Thanks for stopping by rooster, dont be a stranger now :D LED's FTW!! If leds didnt grow anything these would not exist. :p Yea I also think that one to be sativa maybe even the rest of them. Could explain the delayed flowering. I hear they can take longer than 2 weeks to flower. Some stains can even take a month!!! I'm just hoping that the genetics of these plants are not from around the equator because, if that is the case I have read that people lower the lighting below the 12/12 to induce those. Any additional info will be of great use. :cool:

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  8. your girls are looking good bro,

    now as for the watering thing? well I still havent chagned out the water in my reservior, the plant has been pretty much eating off of the initial 2 gallons of water and nutes(at 1/4 strenght) that it started off with as a seedling,

    When i took the pics of the roots you saw yesterday the 1/3 of th roots were resting just inside the water, anyway...sorry to go tangent, but what im getting at is that im gettin the idea that I should just go off of the water level.

    I mean i know testing the ppm would be beneficial, but i dont have any meters to test that with and the only thing ive been using is the litmus strips to check for ph........

    someone correct me if im wrong, but take a look at my girl before you do
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    purplechango, thanks for the compliment I work hard on them h0ez, anyways I am not really sure what you mean by going off water level but you should invest in some inexpensive PH control kit ( a test vial with the ph test liquid) It is a big help trust me. For us PH is everything plus some. We have no soil to buffer our mistakes or over doses of nutrients so I recommend the kit. As far as the ppm meter stuff....... the plants wont mind if you skip that. And I'm saying this as a person who owns one. So to summarize, get more PH testing stuff and don't concentrate too hard on ppm or, water temp for that matter if you are in a stable environment. GL
  10. Day 26 Flower Cycle
    Plant #1 is growing healthy as it has been before the illness a week or so ago. No visible signs of sex yet................ as long as they are females I don't care how long they take :devious: but, as soon as I see some sacs I am going to chop and screw that bastard!!!!! Happy thoughts happy thoughts :D
    On a serious note, the plants have been sucking up almost a half a gallon of liquid crack I'll call it. I top it off with distilled water and add a little of my general mixed nutrients. Keeps them happy including myself.
    I have included pics of all three of the remaining plants with the bud sites from plant #1 circled. Comments welcomed. Have a great weekend all. :wave:

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  11. Day 26 Cont.
    More pics from tonight.

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  12. Day 28 Flower Cycle
    Today I had decided to begin a new grow. As soon as I get what I need I will begin a new grow journal here in the indoor grow threads. So, today I pulled the smallest of the three out and am now down to two plants. If these two don't show me some hairs its overrrrrr. Here are some pics of the day.

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  13. Day 28 cont.
    Nothing I want to see yet. Still waiting for these plants to show some sign of sex. Let it be male or female at this point I really don't care. I am upset at the fact that these plants are taking their sweet ass time. I understand all the genetics stuff and accidents that can lead up to my situation but, to keep me interested they need to show some pistles. They have a week or so to show or they will get acquainted with my rusty old scissors. :mad::devious:

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  14. I understand your frustration brotha. Ive never heard of a plant taking over 28 days to show sex.

    When I was growing under CFL's my males showed sex in 5 days and females in 9.

    Have you entertained the thought that those LED's just arent cranking out the lighting power needed? Every other part of your setup seems to be top notch. I guess Im just real suspect of those lights.
  15. Cool. I wish you luck my friend.
  16. Day 29 Flower Cycle
    Upgraded the lighting in the tent today. I am fairly happy with the current intensity. Took some pics with new camera having trouble uploading at the moment. Its a Panasonic 14.1 MP but, I had already cropped the pics down to 2.0-2.8MP so I know it should work. I will try again later to upload but, as of right now I have 6 panels. 3 per plant so I now have light on all sides of the plants.
  17. Managed to get three. :confused:

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  18. I cant remember if you are still trying to determine sex or not and I am too lazy to read back in the journal, but that third pic definitely looks female. The primordia showing is definitely female. Just no calyxes yet.

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    Thanks for uploading the drawing on my journal Zerostar. I kind of think or want to believe that they are both females because if they were males most likely then not they would have shown by now? Correct me if I am missing something.

    To add to that, The primordia are all alone. As in single not a cluster or any sticks or anything protruding from the stem so, all is okay except the agonizing wait.

    I am not sure if I want to call this grow a failure because I wasn't able to harvest anything as of 100 Days later!!!!!!!
    A few things going against me in the beginning were insufficient lighting, unknown genetics, random bag seeds used, and the seeds ended up with the characteristics of a sativa with unknown flowering times. :eek:
    The combination of all that alone was a great barrier to overcome.

    I will try again the next grow with the LED panels and see if its my lighting that sent me down a path to failure. Six LED panels to begin with and I am going to have seeds with known genetics.

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