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My first am I doing?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by mykko67, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. Hey Guys.

    This is my first grow and wanted to post some pics.
    I think they are doing great so far, but wanted to get some opinions.

    I germinated in soil, and they sprouted about 12 days ago.
    I am growing in a 24 x 40" closet with a 400 watt MH.

    Hoping to get at least 1 female from the 4 planted.

    Any input would be appreciated!

  2. Looking good.

    How long did it take for them to germinate with the direct soil method? Also was the temperature of the pots/soil raised in any way?
  3. Took about 3 days for them to sprout. Used a warming pad to keep the temp about 80 degrees
  4. I'm going to do that then.

    What strain are they?
  5. BDS Special from Buy Dutch Seeds.
    Buy Dutch Seeds

    They didn't have Feminized when I bought them.
    Planted 4 seeds and got 100% germination. Not sure if I just got lucky.
  6. they look perfect, and I really mean that. those pots are somewhat unusual, or at least to me they are. all is looking spot on mate. are you sure you havent grown before? lol
  7. looks like youve done yer sure you know but you will have to transplant those to bigger pots soon
  8. Yeah...the pots were my first screwup. I couldn't find any cheap plastic pots locally so I bought these clear plastic tubs at a hardware store. I started developing some green algae on the sides of the pots, and then read that you should always use opaque pots. I covered the pots with some of the leftover Mylar material I had to cut off the light and kill the algae.

    I will be transplanting to some 3 gallon fabric smart pots...was hoping I could sex the plants first, but not sure if they will outgrow these pots before I can do that.

    I want to force flower some clippings to determine sex, but read you need 4 weeks before the genetics of the plant determine sex. Not sure if I can do it earlier.
  9. Mine showed sex at 3 weeks without forcing flower, just give it time. But I would definitely get pots before u slower from what I have read.
  10. yea you wanna switch pots a couple weeks into veg.
    so im told at least.
    and i know what you mean man. was looking for cheap simple plastic pots everywhere. 5 different stores and all of em just hand the expensive clay type ones.
    had to hit the hydro store
  11. you can do it earlier but you might have to wait until the plant is ready before they show you. but cloning and putting them in to 12/12 before they are mature won't harm them
  12. pots seem to be so uncommon in America, it's such a strange thing. in the UK every garden dept in stores has a large selection of cheap plastic pots. 15 pots for £1-2. is a standard price
  13. Yeah its funny but everyplace I went had tons of plants in cheap plastic pots, but no one sold them. All they had were expensive clay or ceramic pots.
  14. I'm with Jetski, man. Those look excellent!
  15. your on the right track I see no issues...
    must have great circulation those stems are pretty stout
    what are you planning to use for fertilizer?
    Do you plan to rain or leave them be until you determine sex?
  16. I bought foxfarm grow big and big bloom. Gonna try some light grow big in another week.
    Not sure what you mean by rain? Is it something I should be doing?
  17. go easy on that stuff, I see people over fertilise with it all the time, start off with a quarter strength every other watering maximum
  18. Thanks for the advice. Was planning on erring on the side of under-fertilizing than over-fertilizing, since I read that is a common problem with first time growers.

    Would you recommend foliar feeding with that stuff?
  19. ive read if you foliar feed with nutes use 1/3rd of the regular dosage.
    i dont fuck with foliar feeding at all tho....its not needed. so you might wanna clarify w someone else

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