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    So this is my setup (still in shipment)
    Mini Mortgage Lifter Grow Tent | Grow Box, Hydroponic System, LED Grow Lights

    My Fluids :D

    Seeds i've ordered . Wish me luck
    11x Regular Connoiseur Genetics Seeds
    10x feminized Kalashnikova
    5x Connoisseur Genetics Seeds Grandaddy Purple S1 Feminized
    1x pineapple chunk feminized
    1x super lemon haze feminized
    1x UFO#1 Dinafem Seeds Blue Widow
    1x UFO#2 Dinafem Seeds Blue Hash
    1x UFO#3 CH9 Female Seeds Afghan Haze 33
    1x UFO#5 Reserva Privada Confidential Cheese Feminized

    advice or any tip/pointers well appreciated.
  2. Damn, 40 views and no reply's? No love at all grasscity.
  3. Okay, Here's an update.

    My kit has arrived I've managed to build the tent so far.

    Going to start germ process pretty soon.

    I'm pretty excited, this is my first grow and I've got 11 different strains, 19 plants total :).
  4. wow! nice nute collection!

  5. Namaste,

    You might be throwing them off by the "Army" in your name. This may make people think of big brother! :D Not me, though. I don't fucking care.

    Satnam and Many Blessings,

    Swami Sachidananda
  6. Congrats!! Im still building my growbox..more like grow dresser. Subn for sure.
  7. Hope you're ready for a monster grow! I've only 3 plants and they're getting too big for my 5x3.5x2 space. I know you're doing hydroponics, though, so it's a whole 'nother ballgame.

    Very excited for you...

    Satnam and Many Blessings.
  8. sweet line up man! im just coming to an end with the blue widow from dinafem its some goooooooooooood looking shit ;)
  9. so many reply's!!

    Well here's an update guys! i have everything ready for growing, i just dont have the space in my 1/1. Going to be moving to a larger area soon. Glad as much people are eager to see my grow.

    I do have the 600 mh and 600 hps that im thinking of upgrading them both to 1000 before i start.
  10. Starting a Cabinet grow!
  11. Haha good luck! <3
    It looks like you seriously invested some cash in this grow, hope you get some good crop.
  12. Yeah I've invested a pretty penny in everything, But the final product is pure profit :)
  13. [​IMG]

    I put it off for a while, now that I've started :D cant wait!
  14. think u gonna need a small ROOM for all ur plants , not a tent , lol
  15. i wish i had space for a small room ;)
  16. i took my plants out of the cab, i cant cool the cab good enough!
  17. [​IMG]

    Just a few updated pictures

    I havnt used any nutrients yet, should i start with a lower amount of ppms? Or whatever advance nutrients calculator says?
  18. I started flowering, and put my bigger ones in 5 gallon buckets. I'll put all of them in 5 gallon buckets after they grow a little bit more. If anyone wants to hear updates reply. Ill post more pictures if my grow interest anyone
  19. How did everything turn out. My haze 33 is big and tall, plenty of bud sites. Not super compact buds but they are dense.

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