My first grow, Grape Ape

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  1. So, this is my first grow. I really didn't think I was going to give growing my own cannabis a shot, but as a new member to Elemental Wellness they gave me a free clone. Can't go wrong with free stuff, right?? So, I grabbed the closest pot, planted it, and placed it in a good spot to hide on my land. Unfortunately, I didn't take pictures when I first got her, and she's already grown quite a bit since I picked her up.

    There was a bit of an ant attack on her, but I used the good ol' ground cinnamon trick and they vanished within the next day.


    Let me know if you guys see any visible issues so I can fix them. Just remember, this is my first grow project, so I'm a complete noob to all of this information. Thanks guys, happy smoking! :smoke:

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