My first grow, got some questions about the best lighting

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Toke-ologist, Jun 28, 2004.

  1. My grow box is 3'longX 2.5'tallX1'wide
    I have one 24" plant fluoro that "contains a combination of phosphors which produce light rich in reds and blues"
    It produces 750lumens at 20watts.

    IDK WTF that means, but i just wanna know if it'll grow me some bud. Also should i get another one of these "plant" fluoro's?

    Im trying to grow the plants to about 1.5-2' tall and then plant them outside. But i just wanna make sure im getting the lighting right. Ive seen people post about "cfl" lights but i have no idea what that is, and should i just stick with the fluoro?

    I also have a philips "agro-lite". its supposed to help plant growth, but idk. It can't hurt right?

    And the last thing is: should i line the interior of the box with aluminum foil, or should i just F it seein as how its the first time? i cant paint it white b/c of the location of the box. Someone would notice, and theres goes stealth.

    So anyone who has solid advice, please share it w/ one such as myself. Thanks
    -keep tokin!
  2. HIGH All, it'll take a good month of growing to get it to 2'...I live in North America and for me that it'll be the end of July. That's pretty late to be putting a plant out.

    Your lights...IDK?? You got me...Your lights would be ok for what your going to do. The foil I'd do without.

    CFL..Compact Fluorescent Lamps...what your useing.

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