My first grow (got questions)

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by Sensei Martin James, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. so my beans are Dinafem Critical + 2.0 and I put them for germination on 28th jan and they sprouted by 31st and same day I transferred the seedlings to coco and by 5th feb they had grown a pair of leaves and cotyledons. By 8th small two new leaves appeared but at this point I noticed that the tips of the older two leaves turning brown so the next day I bought general hydroponics flora series (I have not been using nutrients up until this point) on 6th, and now it’s the 14th, been feeding the plants at seedling strength since the 6th and my plants have a bunch of newer leaves now . I’ve attached pictures of the plants, I’d like to know if they’re gonna be okay and any other advice thrown at me is also appreciated :)

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  2. well the top new leaves look like they are ok and the new small leaves are growin ok ,so reckon they will be ok ,,mac..
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  3. Thanks buddy!
  4. So basically just to clarify, the brown leaves were caused by lack of nutrients, right?

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