My First Grow :-) (fingers crossed)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by snoochey booche, Jun 10, 2004.

  1. High all

    this is my first grow.. so i decided to start a journal

    i had it on my window still for 2 weeks and it wasent growin so i brought it inside under som fleuros.... here she is a 1 and 1/2 weeks

    hows "she" (hopefully) look??

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  2. ooh yea.. its bag seed... and im not quite sure what it is.. wen wil i be able to tell.. and can i tell if its indcia(sp?) or stativa(sp?) yet? if so what is it?
  3. lookin good so far, how many watts of flouros? cool white?

    so far its lookin good and helthy, cant really tell yet wat it is, but i think it looks like an indica, mellow stone :smoke:
  4. indicas grow small rite? and i have it under one 16 wat 2 ft fleuresent cool whit tube and one 16 watt warm whit cfl
  5. id throw a fan in the just to give strength to the stems

    wat Mix of soil are you using?

    indicas usually grow pretty small indoors. like northern lights or topp 44.

    but sativas like big bud...some grow big 14 ft big lol
  6. im usin merical grow soil eeh not very recomended but its all i had im hopin its indica kuz i wanna keep it inside.. i dont have to much room.. if it gets to big i gotta pout it outside
  7. new pics.. its ben alittle wile

    just repoted in a pot tha has a resovwaqr on the botom and self waters

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  8. and another pic... again.. how am i doin?

    and how can i tell the strain and when?

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  9. it will be easier to tell the strain when youre in flower..but it looks like an indica so far...
  10. ok heres a update... shes growin quite fast now... and more leavs are forming at the base of others.... i will post pics later tonite :) i also have a ? the leavs are curling dowen alittle at the tips.. whats this meen??
  11. here are the pics

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  12. sry my friend had auto log in on my comp but that was me who posted that pic... anyways... hers another

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  13. AND ANOTHER!!!! again.. any advice is appreciated

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  14. ooh yea.. the brown stuff on the leavs is just soil
  15. an for the hell of it heres my setup

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  16. i got about 3 feet in heaight.. if it gets to big i can move the shelf above up about a half foot or il just move it outside

    ooh yea i got it on 24hour 7 days a week light... it that what i should be doin??
  17. just checked on her this mornin.. shes startin to smell goooood
  18. yey i got some new pics shes groin really fast... how long tel u think i should start 12/12 and im not usin any nutes i wanna see if i can do it without.. will it work without nutes???

    ooh here ar the pics

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  19. :)

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