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  1. Well Im as much as a noob at this stuff as they come. Heck ive only smoked the good stuff one time ! But i love doing new things and this is something ive always wanted to try. I recently bought a new house and ive got this room under my stairs so i figured why not ?

    I actually dont know a single person around here that smokes so i ended up ordering my seeds from someplace in amsterdam. A couple questions .....

    I know im going to need more light as they get bigger. How many more fluorescent Lights do you think will be needed ? I really dont wanna go with the HPS " i think thats what its called " I have read that it uses alot of electric.

    How big do i let them get before i cut the light down to 12/12 ?

    Im haveing a blast ! :) Any advice you guys could give would be great

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  2. i'm no expert but maybe you should put the lights closer, or else they'll strech.

  3. really ? I will go move them down a bit right now
  4. put the lights about 2 inches from the top.... Dont over water.... Water when the soil gets a lil dry... about every 2 or 3 days..... If you can get some mylar or get some bags of chips with the mylar like surface inside for when the plants get bigger.... If you want some really nice buds then you should really get yourself a HPS... Get a 400 watt HPS and you wont notice much of anything on your electricty bill... your only gonna run it for 12 hours a day because you can use your flourescent lights for veg up untell your rdy to flower then you brake out the HPS..... So if you wanna do this right and have a steady supply of the high grade bud you will need to have 2 differnt rooms... 1 for veg.. 1 for flower.. 2 differnt rooms is so you can grow your small plants for 2 full months then as soon as your already full grown plants are done with there 2 months of flowering you got the plants that was in your veg room ready for flower..... Im just telling you this cuz i would hate to see someone buy 10 seeds and just grow them and flower them and then have to buy more seeds one day... you could use half of your seeds get you a good healty mother and clone her for as long as you want....
  5. Thanks ......... I guess ive been watering way to much. I was doing it twice a day :(

    I tried finding hps lights on ebay and havent came up with much. Can you buy it at lowes or home depot ?
  6. Hey man, for a newbie your definatly going in the right direction. I recommend using a HPS like Cronic says, people have grown MJ using floro's but i think they are awkward and you'll need quite a few to get your MJ to grow well. If ya UK based try ebay, i know there are loads on there under garden supplies. I paid £40(approx $60) for my 400w and tbh i dont think my electricity bill has gone up. If anything it gone down coz i swopped all the bulbs in the house to energy saving an i switch the tv off standby an alike. I will be keeping an eye on ya grow from now on.
    Good luck!:smoke:
  7. So for lets say for 4 plants would one 400 watt HPS work ? Im sure theres a ratio of amount of light per pants like this one ....[​IMG]

    Man this is turning into a pricey little hobby :D
  8. Yeah one of them. Have you checked Ebay? if ya in the USA theres a cheap sunmaster item no.7766634360. It finishes soon so get bidding.

  9. That will deffently work for 4 plants with no prob....
  10. Man i feel so stupid :( I thought the dirt i bought didnt look right. It was miricle grow " potting mix" Not soil. So i went and bought some good soil and im gonna switch it all over in the morning. I also lined my grow room with foil tonight It looks pretty cool. Next will be painting the floor white
  11. Alright... Lets go over a few things you will need to know at this point....

    If you are useing tap water it should be left out at least 24 hours... I let mine set for 2-3 days b4 i use it....

    How are you gonna change the soil??... Just go ahead and leave the soil you got now in there untell you go to repot into bigger pots...

    Foil is better then nothing but it is not that good of a reflector... If you got bags of chips around.. like lays potato chips and some others with the mylar like surface inside use them 1 at a time if you have to and leave the foil behind it.... If you got alot of white paint you can paint the walls white and be alright... Mylar is just the best at reflecting light..

    If you dont have any way of checking your waters PH.. Get you a PH tester when ever you can...

    Put you a fan in there to keep temps under control pluss give your plants lots of moving air and also to create thick stems that will better help support your buds...

    Later on i will explain to you how to do LST on a few plants when that time comes... But untell then if you want do a search on grasscity fourms for LST...

  12. I would say there a couple inches tall now isnt that big enough to put transplant them ? About the water its been sitting in that can for a couple days. However i wasnt aware that you should let it sit ? Does this kill something in it ?

    Yeah i was thinking about getting a fan blowing on em soon. Im also high bid on a HPS light in ebay

    Thanks for all the advice :cool:
  13. Takes the chlorine out of the water....

    You wont need to transplant untell the plant is about the same size or a little bigger then the pot it self...
  14. 1 foot plant will be ok in a 1 gallon pot

    2 foot plant will be ok in a 2 gallon pot

    and so on...

    But the more room you give your roots to grow can only help....
  15. Well things are going well. I now have 6 plants up and going. I am not doing anymore since i dont think the light i am getting can cover much more than that. I orderd a 400 watt HPS it should be here in a few days. I also have a roll of mylar comeing and will be re doing my grow room with that soon. I am thinking about just useing the HPS dureing the flowering stage. However would i get better yields if i was to start useing it dureing veg ? The only reason im hesitant to is i read on here that someone had a 300 dollar electric bill one month.

    Do you guys think i should get a Fan on them right now even when there pretty small ? I love the way my room smells :D Its my own personal greenhouse

    a couple pics

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  16. Yes, put that fan on them! Get those stems growing strong from the very start; you'll be grateful seven weeks from now when you have big heavy buds weighing everything down...

    on another note, that soil in the pics still looks really wet....

    good luck...:smoke:
  17. Ya that soil is lookin real wet... Put a fan on low in the room just to move the air around.... If i was you i would just use the lights you got for veg... If you can, get 1 more on each side.... or... If you wanted to you could run your HPS on 12/12 and just have it kick in for 12 hours a day to help them fouresent lights wile your still in veg... But i would just get 2 more flourescents...
  18. Your grow looks good, your fluros are the right height above the plants, and plus fluros are good for seedlings. One thing, the tin foil you have in there, I wouldnt use it, it makes things alot warmer in there and then you almost HAVE to have a fan on them(a fan is a good idea anyways) Plus from what I can see in your pics, your closets walls are white anyways, and that works just fine for reflecting light. Yea in my grow I couldnt afford a nice big HPS, but you wont complain if you do have one. If the HPS doesnt work out for you, then you can just get a good amount of fluros, with high lumen amounts, and the right color temp(Im not sure the right color temp, you can search the forums.) And they will work, but like everyone says, if you want serious buds, HPS will get the job done.

    Good luck Bro, Ill be checking up to see pics.

    Oh and you like vettes eh? Favorite car, here, Ill get me a nice 67'-70' some day.:)

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