My First Grow Ever!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by vir0x, May 25, 2010.

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  2. :D sevin dust is killer shit, i have been using that stuff since i was in highschool! lol damn that's a long time!
    trick to is to dust surrounding plant's as well..;)
    they look ok and i wouldn't stress about ph..if there growing now and looking good the def was probably already present, the shock left over is the dead yellowing leaves at the bottom..(nitrogen def by the way)
    it should bounce back now though..
    if the problem keep's going, then run a couple gallon's of water to them, that will fush out most of the mg time release Bull shit they put in it..
    then start with a water soluble fert...not mg! lol
    get a decent fert like technaflora recepie for success's perfect for any soil or hydro setup and 40$ shipped or cheaper at the hydro store...
    it has like 10 bottles of nutes , great stuff and cloning gel from rootech..everything you could need for the whole grow and more..
  3. also want to add a few outdoor grow tip's for ya...
    dont leave one trail going to your plant's...make multiple ones ...take different path's everytime..if possible..
    if it does not rain for a while, wich in AL it does;)
    like FL heehee:D
    but when it does get dry just keep your water handy..
    let them dry out just a little between watering's but not day's without water in other word's..
    pee around the grow area about 100 feet
    it sound's funny but critter's will Q in that human's are near and stay away more offten than not..
    them f'ker's will eat your dope..
    it's early to in the season..learn to take clones..if there female..then you will want more of them kickin it out door's too! and if you take some clones off them, you can find out wich one's are wich sex, male or female before they don't want to spend this year babying a patch of usless males in your patch or have males seed all your good is bagseed so you don't know what they are a good thing to do and find out now..
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  5. i'd use green bamboo stakes they kinda blend in good outdoor's and break up that classic mj pattern..
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    ya let them do there thing, just feed water feed water...switch to a bloom nute and some bushmaster at flowering will love that bushmaster...

    you got lot's of time until september, thats the earliest there going to flower in the dirty south homie..
    so let them bush out, do some topping and fimming, let it bush more, then take some clones next month...i suggest taking lower limb's for cutting's..they are closer to the root and have the freshest dispacment of the genes..
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  10. correct let them dry out before watering..
    i like the techna flora recipe for success's like 40$ man..comes with everything..
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  12. yep some strain's can handle more...
    just watch the leaf tip's..
    if they start to burn at the very tip, then back off the nutes and give it some water for a few round's that's the first sign of over fert is those leave tip's..
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