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  1. Hi all what I am doing here is showing everyone my first ever "real" grow in a kind of diary way.

    I will show what I am using, what I'm doing, the process start to finish and the end product.

    Ill start by explaining why I said real grow.

    About 2 years ago I found a seed in my smoke, I planted this into an upturned hairspray lid and fed it with babybio. I used my window in my bedroom and that's where it stayed. As it grew I transplant into a larger pot, not believing it to get to harvest wasn't really taking much notice. It was more of a talking point when people came round sortof thing lol. Imagine the surprise when I got a 1/4ounce at the end, really nice smoke as well.

    So on to the "real" grow

    This time I have got some lights,home made hood, timer, larger pot and babybio mutes.

    I planted my seed with no real idea that it would grow but it has. As it grows I will be updating my post so people can watch the process, as, I'm sure as many of you are like me and like to see a good story unfold throughout time.

    I am also hoping that during the time my plant grows people can add some input and advice to help me along. I will also add picture on a regular basis, say, once a month to start, when flowering possibly go to once every 2 weeks.

    My light at present is a cfl with equivalent output to an 85w bulb and in a weeks time I will be adding another one to give me a total of 170w. I intend to use these lights throughout, as the plant grows I will add an extra 3 more for the sides but not untilled it reaches atleast 2-3ft.

    My hood inwhich the light sits is made out of highly polished ally with a reflective return of between 90-95%. This is why I will wait till 2-3ft before adding the last 3 lights.

    My pot is circular with a 1ft diameter and 1ft deep tapering towards the bottom to 3/4 of a ft

    Grow medium is expensive shit from the local garden centre for tomato plant (my understanding is cannabis and tomato plant to be very similar to each other correct me if I'm wrong).

    My nutes are babybio (UK) great for vegatative state in tomato plants. during flowering stage move over to babybio citrus, which is good for all plants during flowering or fruit production state. I'm using just under half strength solution at the moment which it says 10 drops per 1 litre, I'm using 5 drops per 1.25 liters. I will increase to 7-8 drops after 6 weeks, but that will be it for the rest of the veg state.

    As far as the timer goes I'm starting with 18/6, after main stage of growth is achieved and just before flowering ill be dropping to a 16/8 for a week, then to a 14/10 for another week, and finally ill drop to the 12/12 for full flowering stage. I believe this will provide the least stress and get it as close to nature as you can when providing artifitial care to a plant. If you have any doubt or think this is a Google idea please let me know.

    Finally the bit you've all been waiting for, I shall now add my first set of picture and await replys on the early stage of my progress. please If you have anything to offer do add a post, as this is my first proper grow and I would really like some help and advice.

    1369876674233.jpg 1369876687865.jpg
  2. Right on man.  You should for sure consider getting more lights, more will only help with the end result, especially with CFL.  If you really want to see progress, look into HID lighting, they are pretty reasonable if you get a 250 or 400.  Sounds like you are motivated and the sprout looks happy!  Good luck dude!
  3. Thank you for spending time reading my post. I do plan on more lights the strongest I get round my area is cfls equivalent to 85w as I will not use any of the "grow shops". First is to get one more to boost early veg, then improve as time demands more. Gotta keep costs down, took me ages to convince the wife to let me set up a decent grow lol. But as I said to her take time to get it all and as and when its needed, but, once I've got it its there and I can get another one going sooner which means less money spent out on those dealers that bulk up to make money. Plus I know what's in it and I know its safe.

    Keep posted for my monthly updates. :)

    if we all had a smoke we wouldn't need war!!

  4. I knew I said once a month but after 2 weeks of slow growth I've noticed I have new growth so though I would upload progress 1369913150044.jpg 1369913167253.jpg

    I think I know why I have slow growth as I'm using 2700k lights just about to add my second one today which is also 2700k bit my total output will be 125w. Some research I've done assure me this will be ok although it will slow growth down a little bit. Any XP in this would be nice
  5. Nice! I'm on my 4th week of my first growth, been through some ups and down but the plant is healthy, I'm using CFL and I'm really pleased with the results I'm getting with a huge 40watt/125watt equivalent bulb I found, I started with only a 30 watt bulb and the plant did grow a lot the first 2 weeks. Right on.
  6. Well I've just picked up my secondary bulb which is an 8w=40w so with my original I'm now totaling 125w and ill be getting 3 more for the side also 40w each or might even get the 85w bulbs but I'm a bit off that yet
  7. So added new light 1370037026455.jpg can just about make out both on this
    This is from a distance

    Also just found out I did my maths wrong my lights were in 16/8 not 18/6 but I've swapped them over lol

    Planned it that way you see I gave it a spring now we are on summer lol oops
  8. Subbed

    I think your slow growth may be partly due to the lights, is your 125w equivalent W? Im doing a cfl grow and after 2 weeks my plant was much bigger, im growing 3 but under 470 actual W.

    That was about two weeks. They are autos but shouldnt make much difference. Looking forward to watching your grow though. Are you UK too?

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  9. I'm going by equiv yes, have I got that wrong then. And yes I'm in the uk

    if we all had a smoke we wouldn't need war!!

  10. Yeah ignore the equivalent value, just true watts. I got a good deal online for hangers 125w bulb and reflector for £40 but upgraded a bit since. Also 5 auto seeds for 25 quid so dont have to worry about sealing out light leakage or timing. Really easy at week 7 on one now and because they grow quick I should be smoking soon, packing on some nice bud now. Any idea what seeds your growing mate?

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  11. Seeds are bag so strain is unknown thought best way to start as free. Now I know my lights are 2700k and only getting 1500lumens. if I move to 6400k would that make a difference or stick with the 2700k and just add more. I'm on a very tight budget as wife holds all the strings to money.
  12. I wouldn't bother switching, just add more, the others will come in handy later, all light is good light but 8w cfls wont be doing much anyway. If you have the fitting amd a hood you can get a 125 for about 15 quid. Ill go take a pic in a minute and show you my setup

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  13. I made the hood myself I'm getting atleast 85-90% reflectiveness the socket I mounted myself but its a bayonet not Edison most larger cfls seem to come in Edison screw type
  14. I bought an adapter thing which plugs into a bayonet fitting and turns it into e40 or whatever the screw cap is. I got mine for about 2 quid but theyre on ebay for hardly anything at all
  15. 1372441509304.jpg

    3 plants 3 bulbs, bulb under the hood is a dual spectrum 300 actual watt cfl the other two are 85 actuals. Plant at the front 7 weeks old (12 inches, kalishnikov automatic) back left, 6 weeks olds (12 inches, kalishnikov automatic) back right 4 weeks old (19 inches, super cali haze) all autos. Need to have a shift around as have another 125 light and more seeds, just need to find the effort. Have you got your light nice and close? Do you have a thermometer?

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  16. The big bulbs I think are e21, not sure, got a Y splitter on ebay so when I shift it round it will save me a lead and put the bulbs more horizontal

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  17. No Therm yet lights are about 2-3 inch above plant. Think I'm gonna struggle to get a 125w bulb to be fair I'm gonna try as the wife knows I need a new light and lead so gonna try. As said on a very tight budget and she doesn't want it there either.
  18. tell the wife to shut up bro
  19. She's twice my size and built like a brick shit house lol you can tell her if you like she's already broken my nose snapped my neck and ripped my nipples off for calling her a bitch this morning. In my defence I was still asleep and didn't know I said it.
  20. You'll wait a decade and get half a spliff out of it off those bulbs, a decent one costs less than buying a weed, plus as metioned you can get all sorts of adapters if its the wrong fitting, you wont need a ballast just the bulb

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