My First Grow!! Deep Water Culture

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Ride4Life, May 4, 2011.

  1. Hey all.
    I don't post a whole lot on here; more of an avid reader/admirer. Anyways, I decided to spend some money to save some money. My wife and I are both Med patients and after your tolerance gets up there, you require higher doses. T-Breaks are great, but I just don't like to stop medicating.:smoke:

    So I did a TON of reading and research and decided to build my first grow. I was lucky enough to have a friend offer me some amazing clones (2 Cannabis, 3 Super 8, and 2 Cheddarwurst) ready for transplant with 18" - 24" root mass. I was not going to turn that down! So I ran to walmart, did some shopping, hit the hydro store, did some more shopping and built up my little Deep Water Culture.

    I'm really happy with how it's going so far. Plants have rooted into the rockwool and are super happy. New growth is even starting after 72 hours. Most difficult part is keeping the water temp at 68. I might look into an aquarium heater with a thermostat. So that's my long winded explaination, check out the pics and let me know what you think. BTW, this was done on the cheap ($200 total). I know it's nothing special yet, but I want to become an amazing grower with crappy equipment, so when I can drop 3K into a sick tent, I'll be a Canna-God.

    Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for reading, Cheers!

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  2. nice set up not to expensive either, btw there is not a strain called cannabis all mj is cannabis its just whether its cannabis sativa, indica, or ruderalis and they each have hundreds if not thousands of strains in those catagories not trying to be a nazi just fyi

  3. Cannabis is a local strain. It's Chemdog X Moon Dog.

    Come on now...give me a little more credit than that, haha.;)
  4. haha oh ok nvr heard of it lol my bad thought it was weird you being a mj patient too but that makes sense now
  5. Colorado growers are going crazy now. We have such great cannabis here. And it's only getting better. I've seen so many strain names on jars that just make you laugh.

    I thought the same thing when my buddy handed over the clones. I was like "I know it's Cannabis, what strain is it?". Kind of like a "Who's on First" X Reefer Madness, haha.
  6. haha ya there are so many strain names they just kept it orignial lol sounds like some good bud cant wait to see how it turns out, ive always wanted to try the deep water culture grow saw how to make it in greg green's grow bible got the totes to make it too just cant grow indoors anymore but i will in time and might just have to try this style out.
  7. I started a flowering light cycle after they had a nice weekend of vegging. By sunday night I had some much larger plants. Decided to take some updated photos tonight. Cheers!

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  8. Built my SCROG last night. They have been doing great so far!

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  9. Colorado is def.the place to be right now. That is where I started growing 6 yrs. ago. Want to move back this year. Go mile high growers!! Seems like the altitude makes for some extra dank shit. I used to grow in Summit County. Frisco to be exact.
  10. 5-28-11 Update.

    Everything is going great. Showing a lot of growth. The Cheddarwurst has been budding really well and the Super 8 has finally started to pop out some little white hairs.

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  11. still learning..what do you use the net for?

  12. That is the SCROG (SCReen Of Green).

    "The Screen of Green or more commonly known as ScrOG method, is a technique used mainly by
    growers who have limited vertical space and also by growers with low level of lighting, such as flouro's,
    small wattage HPS and HID lights. The screens are usually made in a rectangular shape,
    although other shapes can also be used with good success. The ScrOG method can be used with
    hydroponic or organic plants, seeds and also the more commonly used for this method, clones.
    The main goal of using the ScrOG method is to have more area of lighting available to the plant or plants,
    usually resulting in more potent buds and higher yields. The ScrOG method is best used by novice and
    experienced growers, a good knowledge of pruning and training is required."
    -Awol/CoA @planetskunk
  13. interesting..thanx for the knowledge i have 6 ft high but with light probably only 4ft to max height..i might have to look into that method..i was definitely going to top them at about week 3 or depending on growth..

  14. I still topped these and am actively super cropping them. I did the SCROG, like my other methods, on suggestion from my friends that are helping me through my first grow. It has been working out great so far. The whole system has actually working out great. I effin love growing cannabis!

    Thanks for contributing to my thread!
  15. Ok. 6.6.11 update.
    The Cheddarwurst are budding really well. It feels like buds are popping up at every joint of the plant :D
    The Super 8 has finally started to flower. Definitely showing true sativa characteristics.
    Pics as usual:

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  16. Solid grow so far, Ride4Life. I like the bud formation you got going on. Reminds me of my first DWC under CFL's... You remember the one... That Blueberry Diesel. Come on now, I know you can remember the smell! ;) Haha... Good work on the SCROG as well. I like the set up! Not too bad at all for $200! Happy growing to you!
  17. Looks awesome man! You give me high hope for my first serious grow. I plan on doing a DWC setup as well. Any tips?

  18. I don't have any definitive "pointers" as of yet, but if you ever have any questions, please ask. I am more than happy to share my knowledge with the world.

    I have loved using DWC. The only thing to really watch is the ph, and that is pretty simple to monitor and adjust.

    I have kind of let them be, and not over-tended them and they have done well. Honestly, the best advice I can give to you is start reading now. Everything and anything and never stop. There is a plethora of information out there for free so take full advantage of it!
  19. I really like your setup. I was wondering a couple of things though.
    What kind of water do you use? Tap, distilled, RO
    Do you change the entire water or just adjust PPM?
    How do you keep the PH constant? Does the large tank help with that?
    Are the tanks connected by a pump? I couldn't tell.
    Looks like you are doing very well. I am on my first hydro grow ever and am finding that the learning curve is steep and I am conctantly dealing with unexepected variable. Thanks in advance.

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