My first grow closet

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Kadaj, May 8, 2011.

  1. I've never made a grow closet before and I need to make one on a budget. Ill have roughly 100$ to make one next week. The dimensions are 5ft w x 12 ft l x 11ft tall. I have 15 plants and I'm hoping it's big enough because it's all I got. I'd upload a pic of my room, but it won't really show you anything except white flat walls.

    I have a little idea of what I'll need; From what I've read. I'm just a newb who wants to make sure.

  2. For a 5x12' room you will need at least 3000 watts to properly light that area...

    Below is the cost of a 3x3' tent setup for around $1,000 which will use the SCROG method..

    1 - 3x3 Tent
    1 - 600 Watt MH + HPS Digital Ballast with a CoolTube hood
    1 - 250 CFM inline duct booster fan (to cool the lamp)
    1 - C.A.P Air-2 temp and humidity controller
    1 - 4" 200 CFM Vortex Powerfan
    1 - 4" x 12" Carbon scrubber
    1 - 10" Clip fan
    2 - DIY Ebb & Gro buckets with 10" net pot lids
    1 - 40L hydroton
    1 - 27gal Reservoir
    1 - 230gph submersible pump
    1 - 17" 250W aquarium heater

    So I'm thinking $100 is not going to be enough sense 1 MH/HPS lamp is around $300 and you need 3 of them to light that area...

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