My first grow (Closet Grow)

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  1. I've got a 1000 watt mh light with a intake fan and a outtake fan perfect temp keep control of my ph and give them nutrients weekly just want opinions on if I'm doing a good job or if there are any tips and tricks you guys could give me

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  2. If the purpose of that carbon filter is to eliminate smell then its supposed to be inside your grow area
  3. no it circulates the air into it when the door to the grow closes
  4. Light is too high and I would figure it's too hot in there. We use those lamps and they really put off some heat. Your plants are gonna stretch to the light. Temps are super important. The cooler you make it, the better they like it. That lamp will flower 2 plants nicely if u can control the temps. But crowding plants up just shades out growth. You get more per plant if each has plenty of room to spread and enough wattage to force growth. But need to get light closer to pkants.
  5. the temp is not a problem i have that controlled, it actually could be a little warmer near my plants, how far down would you suggest to make my light
  6. also my next grow i was thinking about putting 6 plants in there
  7. Gonna want atleast a 4x4 then... doesn't take much veg time for 3 plants to fill out that space you are working with... 6 wouldn't really increase yield at all just make it more of a jungle.

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