my first grow/ clones.. what u think?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by imgettingbrains, May 30, 2006.

  1. here are the pictures. there are two diff. kinds. mikada and hawiaan kush. heres my indoor setup let me know what u think.

    i dont even remember what kinda light that is, i know ist is one out of a beaded dragons cage

    also, outdoor, i just took them out about 25 acres and put them in the ground. ill go back in 6 months.

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  2. dude... u really need to clip the leaves when they start going discoloured like that...

    how long have they been in there.. and what type of lighting are u using?
  3. i just put them in that pot a couple hours ago, as far as lighting. im not really sure i was told it was a heat lamp. should i replace it, and with what.
  4. lol, ok dude you REALLY gotta do some reading around this site! heat lamps DO NOT WORK FOR GROWING MARIJUANA!!!!!!!!!! get either, an HPS, a MH, or flourescent lights! also when you do do that put the light wayy closer!
  5. I've looked at HPS lights, and they're rather good are they for flowering as opposed to other types of lights, and sunlight....i'm growing in a small 2x2x1 foot green house using sunlight until is gets too big...
  6. you won't find a better lamp for flowering then a hps especially for flowering
  7. i went out last night and bought a grow lamp. 65 watts. if this is wrong what should i get. and other than that, what should i do with my set up. i really dont wanna take all this time 2 do it the wrong way.

    as far as research, ive printed out pages. talked to ppl. and i always hear diff. shit. so ne info would be appreciated
  8. ok what TYPE of grow lamp did you buy? Theres High Pressure Sodium , Metal Halide, and Flourescents (also compact flourescentS). you need to find out exactly what kind of grow light it is! and for reference if its a normal incandecent light bulb then you may as well return it, cause you aint growing pot with it!

    this may help.... what store did you buy it from
  9. here are new pics.

    one pic is a pic of the box the bulb came in, it said it was for indoor plants, i just bought a utility light (flourescent) and it didnt work so i am taking it back and getting another one. which of the two lights should i use?

    i also showed a close pic of what my plants look like, and the other pic is a top view. is my light close enuff.

    thanks for all the help though!

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  10. Yo imgettingbrains
    If that light is the one I am thinking about, then it will NOT work. Stick with the fluorescent lights only. Then when you are sure it is a fluorescent (CFL) put that sucker about 3 inches from the tops of the plants. Next time, when you fill your pot up with soil, make sure it is filled higher up with soil because the way you have it now, you are wasting valuable pot space. In the future, the best light for flowering is a HPS light.
  11. i went to home depot and lowes. found a 50-400 watt hps bulbs, i was going to get the buy them, but they dont have the housing, so i tried a 50 watt on mine and it wont power up. so im working on that bulb.

    instead i bought this flourescent, will it work? i also have some type of heat lamp on top?

    and can anyone tell me if my plants look ok or not. im worried because of all my lighting issues.

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  12. The fluro will work. More power would be great. 100W at least I recommend.

    Your plant doesn't look (to me) as if it overheats or so. It looks to firm up straight.
    Are you sure the soil is any good?
    Is your plant getting enough nitro?

    And, isn't your plant a little bit too young to be put to work in a 'red light district?'
  13. yea you cant put a HPS bulb in just a regular socket. you need to get a balast and a housing for it. If i where you, i would just go back to homedepot and pick up like 4 42 watt compact flourescents (the spiral looking bulbs). They are like $10 a peice. You want to stay away from any heat bulbs. You will have a huge problem with heat issues, and they wont do anything positive for you. Then when you get enough money, pick up a HPS kit.
    Good luck
  14. i bought two preassembled lights. on one box it said 28" plant/aquarium flourescnet light. and the other one said 22" advantage flourescent light. no where on the box/package did it say anything about wattage, but on the bulbs one says 18w, and the other says 12. does that mean its putting out those numbers. or thats all the energy it takes?

    or am i just buying complete shit? i have for real obught 5 lights in the past 2 days. what the fuck works!??? :devious: do i need the ones u have to peice together yourself? they do not feel like they are putting out alot of heat, i even took the plastic cover off. idk. any1?

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  15. Yo man.
    To be honest with you, your plants are struggling a little bit.
    Those lights are on the bottom of the CFL list but, they will work for now. Get that heat lamp out of there it will damage them. Also, your soil is no good. See how clumped up it is? That is no good. Get some good potting soil WITHOUT nutrients or fertilizer (same thing) in it. Also, do what whooligan says and just get those basic, screw in, squiggly CFL light bulbs. If you have a bigger budget i.e. over $100 we can point you to a good hydro shop to buy some quality HPS lights that come with everything you need to get it working. Start saving for them now because you will find that hps is the best.
  16. I dont know if Im the only one that noticed but one plant per pot buddy get them out ASAP or the roots will tangle up with each other and die
  17. alright i have 42watt floro bulbs about 3 inches from each now, (1 light on each, ill get another 1 for each plant something this week. and i got potting soil in seperate pots, filled all the way to the top. shouldnt that get me started?

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  18. Yes,
    that will get you started.
  19. with all these lights you've bought you could have invested in a 250 watt hps light and for how they compare i got this off a site im buying my 150 watt hps off of and this is only the 150

    It's 3.54 times brighter than a 4' two bulb shoplight!! Good for starting and Full scale production! Don't be fooled by the over ratings given to compact fluorescents. This fixture is exactly 8.33 times brighter than a 30 watt compact fluorescent

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