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  1. Hey ,this will be my first grow and im in the process of constructing my box. I will only be growing 1 plant for my first grow. I had plywood on hand so I am using it. I framed it with 2x4's with the base being 26inches by 29 inches. The height is 5ft. One side of the box is hinged. On the top on the box I have a 90mm comp fan working as exhaust into my crawl space, on the bottom is a 90mm working as intake with a 6 foot air conditioning duct connected to minimizes light intake. Inside in the top corner of the box is a 120mm comp fan, (blows softer than the others) faced down to where the plant will be. The walls and floor is covered with reflective mylar. The light I ordered today was a 250watt hps / mh . I will use the mh in vegetation and the hps in flowering. All the fans are ran to an adapter and plugged into a surge strip along with the balast from the light. I have a 2gallon bucket sized dripp kit get general hydroponics. I just orderd a "recipe for success starter kit" made by b.c from discount - hydro.... This is about all I can think of.. Any tips on the box. i also have a thermometer hanging in there, what should the temperature stay around.... Now, if I could only find a legit place to order some seeds. links would be nice.

    will post pics later

  2. just pop by the seedbank forum;) that's what it's there for

    my favorite is drchronic. i've order there three times with a CC and gotten seeds in under a week every time. he at least USED TO give freebies with first orders though i think he might not anymore (i got 100% viable troublemakers) and i've heard reports he also gives discounts for mentioning grasscity. doc has great prices to boot, but it's the customer service that keeps me coming back. i just love those "good news! you've got incoming!" emails the next business day.

    i've order twice from gypsy nirvana too as they're the cheapest place to get beans i know of, but they quit doing CC orders and i stressed out the 14+ days with no notification it took to get my kali mist beans which i bought for freebies. gypsy at least used to give freebies with EVERY order, but my 1st batch of SADP skunks were 0% viable and i got the same thing the second time in different packaging, but i never tried those.

    i likes doc's CC ordering, emails and 100% viable freebies so i keep coming back.

    definately pop by the seedbank forum where you can discuss shops & strains etc.

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