My First Grow: Cabinet w/Aerogarden

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  1. Hi guys! I have been reading this forum for weeks now but this is my very first post! I recently put together a small cabinet and bought an Aerogarden. My initial plan was to buy some autoflower seeds since that sounded like a nice easy grow for my first try...but I ended up buying a clone at the local dispensary. I figured for $15 I just had to buy one and try a practice grow.

    The truth is I still have no idea what I'm doing. I think I'm headed in the right direction but I'm sure I'm still making tons of mistakes. So please point them out to me! If you see something I'm missing or doing wrong please tell me!

    I'm working with limited funds and limited space so I went with CFL w/powerstrips. I attached them with heavy duty velcro so they are easy to move around the cabinet. Later on as the plant grows I will remove the Aerogarden light and move the CFL's to the top. I have also started some LST training...and it's so much fun! I'm really enjoying trying to shape the plant and keeping the height low but I'm a little afraid I might be over doing it.

    Anyway, these pics were taken about 4 days ago...

    Let me know what you all think! I'm gonna go take some more current pics to add soon. :wave:

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  2. Welcome,

    Aerogardens are cool and everything and I understand that this is for shits and giggles
    but I think you will find later on that these arent the best for Bud. Starting out I would try to attempt a soil grow first so you can get a general idea of what all goes on.
    These "Gardens" work well with other plants that ive seen but I still have yet to see one done well with our favorite plant.

    If you can, keep us up to date with the thread and Im sure you will get plenty of help/advice

  3. Aerogardens are good for starting out clones that later get transplanted to hydroponic setups, but as far as completely vegging and flowering a plant in an aerogarden, I've never seen it done before. I don't believe its big enough to allow adequate root growth in the later stages of vegging.
  4. I do have some concerns about the aerogarden. I know it's kind of small but I figured the kind plants I'd be growing in this cabinet would be pretty small compared to an average plant grown in a real grow room. It does seem most successful grows have been with autoflowerng seeds which tend to be really small. I have found quite a few threads here and on other growing sites that have used them successfully. Hell, just go on youtube and there are plenty videos on there.

    But that's why I'm trying a test run. If it all goes to hell then I will just use it for seedlings and clones....and if not that, I'll just grow some regular ass herbs in there. I figured either way I'd get some use out of it :D

    I've seen a hydro bucket for around $55 that I might end up buying later on although it's taller than I'd like. Oh well, here are some more pics for now.

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