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  1. I currently live in an apartment so space is limited to my closet. The dimensions of the box must be 2'5'' Long and 20'' wide with a height of 4'5'' to be able to fit in my closet. I plan on growing three plants at a time with 400w MH during veg and 400w HPS during flowering. The box will be venilated through an in-line duct 4'' fan as well as two oscilating fans for better circulation. I plan on using Roots Organic soil for the soil and after doing alot of research I decided to use the FoxFarm Big Bloom, and Grow Big for the nutes. I will be growing Northern Lights and Ak-47 if that info is needed at all.

    That is all I KNOW of that is neccesary for my "stealth" box.

    Please give suggestions. Very excited for my first grow to start!
  2. well at least AK-47 and NL are easy to grow, but smell will be an issue. Especially late in flower. You need more nutes then that for your grow, but actually what you have there will suffice, unless you run into unforseen nutruient issues.
    Dude why do you not save yourself a whole lot of time and get the Maxibloom for both veg and flower with a final few doses of Koolbloom right before flush......minus the possible ph up or down and the epsom salts for cal mag deficiencies is all you need.
    MaxiBloom 2.2 lb pouch is 15.34
    KoolBloom 2.2lb pouch is 29.40
    PH up 20.00
    PH down 20.00
    unamended soil.....I like B cuzz HP soilless hydro mix
    36.96 a bale
    184.65 Total
    Now how much did you pay for your fox farms shit and how far will it take you and how much more do you have to buy to navigate the deficiency highway?

    2.2 lbs when you use less then a teaspoon per gallon at max strength will last you a long time.............
    do not get me wrong....I use fox farms and PBP and other shit but some of my best grows were with Peters10 30 10 back in the day and I forgot how simple shit can be without trying to dial it in......with that regimine you ARE dialed in.
  3. Thanks red eye!
    You mentioned the smell and what I am going to be doing with that is blowing the air into a DIY carbon filter. I hope that gets rid of the good stank. Also thanks for the input on what to use and how to use it. I havent yet purchased the Fox Farm so I think I will go with what you have said.
    Thanks Again :smoke:
  4. Hey there bud...if u want to go even easier on the nutes...just get floranova grow...and floranova bloom by general hydroponics.....good thick stuff in one easy to use for veg one for bloom...

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