My first grow box.

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  1. Just finished my first grow box and thought I would post some pics.
    It is 36hX24wX18d. has up to 12 CFLs and 4 LED panels. for fill in.
    Also a cube thermostat to turn the fans off if the temp drops below 72 degs. comes back on at 78. 1750 lumins X 12 = 21,000 lumins. that should be enough to grow 3 plants.
    What do you think?

  2. that shit looks official like a referee with a whistle. I can't for you to grow in that bay buh :D
  3. Looks amazing. Like, space technology amazing lol. Can't wait to hear how it works out. =D
  4. That is so funny! I do referee H.S. volley ball, and I use a whistle.
    How did you know?
  5. Another funny one. I worked for the DoD as an aerospace engineering tech before I retired. Specializing in High speed cinematography.
    Go figure.
  6. that grow cab is off the chain bro...great have to raise the plants to the lights ...right...lights arn't movable..only suggestion would be maybe a pvc frame for upper lights so you could raise and lower them...what the temps run with all lights on....:smoke:
  7. seriously... wtf.. so amazing

    where did you get the lights from?

    please tell me you took tons of pics and plan on having a journal...

    while this is a small grow.... whoa man... seriously nice
  8. Absolutely going to raise the plants up to the lights. I did it that way instead of a light bar so i could raise each plant separately to the light in case one is growing slower / lower than the others. I think I can get 3 lowryders in there or one or two WW and SCROG it. I'm working on a scrog frame right now. Right now the temp is still a little high 90s at the exhaust duct.
    But I'm not putting anything in there till it gets cold here. that's why I have the thermo cube in there. Fans go off at 72, to let the cab heat back up and then come on again at 78.
  9. Lights, sockets, and splitters, wire, from Lowes.
    LEDs from Ebay. $25.00 ea.
    I have lots of pics, I wasn't planing on doing a journal but I might.
    thanks for the kudos.
  10. yeah.. please do... i would love to try this
  11. The whole thing was under $250.00 but that's because of the LEDs being $100.00. I could have gone with CFLs for side lighting, but wanted to try the LEDs just for shits and grins.
  12. Subscribed and please make a journal this looks sick!

  13. cant see it but where do you have your passive intake...might add another intack or mount a small fan blowing up towards lights..should drop it 3 or 4 with the air a couple pics in my thread...peeps would love ta see it:hello:
  14. Ok, I will, but I won't have anything growing in it for a few months. Here in Florida it don't get cold till Nov, Dec. and I need it to be cold in my garage to keep the cab cool.
    i will post some more pics of the box in the mean time.
    Coming soon to a theater near you. more pics.
  15. I love it. You should do a test grow now if you have some bag seed with just those LEDs keep em on for 2 weeks see how the plants turn out then using the same wattage use CFLs. I've heard shitty things about those small LED panels might now be worth having them in place CFL side lighting

    Oh and any link to the Cube thermostat thing? I'd love to get my hands on something like that for when it gets a bit colder here. (also in FL but my grow is in my bedroom with the airvent pointing at the dresser
  16. Nice thought, but i don't think the LEDs would be enough to grow out a plant. Might be good for the first few weeks if you had them real close to the lights. I think they well work well for side lighting in my box.
    I wouldn't think it would be a fair comparison LED vr. CFL
    One 100w CFL, 1750 lumens, only draws 26w., one LED panel has 225 led lights, draws 14w and puts out 10,000 lumens ( i think ).
    You really don't see that much light if you look at the leds from the side, but when viewed directly from the front, they will blind you for a few hours. You will see spots and your eyes will hurt. Trust me on that one.
    The Cube I got on eBay. $18.00 and worth every cent.
    Anyway, here are a few more pics of the cab.
    This is the overall box showing the vent tube that will go up and out the the ceiling into the attic.
    I'll have to post a second post to show the rest.
  17. More pics.






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