My First Grow (Auto Seeds)

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by TheRockstarGod, Aug 12, 2011.

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    So decided to grow my own. Bought 3 Punky Lion seeds and am growing them in normal pots.

    one has just finished Germinating, another has just started to sprout so I'm waiting to see how it does and the last one has been growing in it'spot for 2 weeks now, really fast and looks great!

    Just one thing, it's growing at an angle, is this normal or should I do something to make it grow straight up?
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    When plants grow at an angle, it can mean they are bending towards the light source. Is your light right over the top of the plant, or off to the side a little? I have some garden plants outside, and at night they will bend towards the neighbors bright ass security lights. Come sunrise they stand back up towards the sun.
  3. Yeah! I have the Sun right over but in the evening it bends over towards it setting, phew olo!

    I'll take pics and upload some so I can get some more feedback later today :)
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    Yea, some of my regular plants do that as well. Goes to show you exactly how good nature is at adjusting to different conditions. At night mine will actually kind of rotate the entire branches so that all the leaves are facing the security light.

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