My First Grow Attempt

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  1. Hi every1,
    this will be my first attempt to plant some ganja, im done with all the crap they sell on the street, so far i got some jamaican strain in germination, all and any advise is more than welcomed im going for a CFL veg grow then i was thinking about usin a 250w HPS, i plan on having at least 4 females flowering using SCROG method. im thinkin about going 100cm lenght x 100cm depth 150 cm height for my grow room, wich i will make myself, tents were i live are stupid expensive and not worth the trouble. i didnt use any brand name dirt, i went to my local greenhouse and got their mix, based on my grandmas garden the shit is real good all her plants look real happy. specially the fruit bearing trees so i hope it will be a good grow medium 
    so far only 1 of mah plants have popped out of the ground, planted them yesterday currently doing a 18/6 or 19/5 cycle (dunno when i got em going yesterday hahaha) i used around 20 seed and i got around 14 of em to pop using a glass of water for a couple days then damp paper towels in total darkness, considering i got em of sum random weed i smoked earlier this year i think i did ok with germination.
    so far i have them under 2 cfl's 1 white 1 yellow. 
    here are some pics 
    originally had 3 CFL going but i was advised that it was not required yet
    no place better than this forum lots and lots of xperienced ppl so im hoping to have some good mentors in the matter :D
    thanks 4 ur time and have a good 1 
    happy tokin every1!

  2. i was goin to say id get some more light in there,
  3.  awesome, how many more do u think i need? a couple more?
  4. i dont know a ton about cfl i just know they work, i would atleast double what you have now and find a way to exit the hot stale air
  5. roger that i will put some extra lights in, 2nd plant just came out by 2morrow i hope to see at least 6 babies XD
  6. well so far soo good 6 of em opened up today and a couple are starting to come out of the earth. 1 seed died from lack of drainage( may she rest in peace T_T)
    here are some pics
  7. so far so good, these are the best looking ones and the quickest to grow, i have 4 other that are still tiny but got a real nice shade of green so i think they'll  be bigger by 2morrow and 2day a couple more came out, now dudes for my grow room i was gonna build my own, 100 lenght  x 100cm deep x 180cm height if im lucky and get at least 4 females i plan to scrog them under a 250w hps what do u think or should i go for a 400w hps. i may be new at this growing thing but i wanna do it the right way i want to get the good stuff from the start. :D

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