My First Grow, appreciate some tips.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by imthatguy1, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. I've browsed other peoples projects here before, but never posted. Decided now was the time, and hopefully will get some much needed knowledge.

    I'm starting my first grow, I've modified a filing cabinet to grow inside. By removing the top drawer, and attaching the drawer face to the top of the bottom drawer, it appears normal while giving me a larger area to grow inside.

    I've decided on a strain that should not grow too tall, also the smell is supposedly not too strong during the growing process, smell isn't a huge for me though, I don't think it will be anyway.

    My largest question is this. I am mounting 3x 95CFM 120mm fans. 1 intake, 2 exhaust or possibly the other way around. I think by doing this I will exchange the air inside of this cabinet around 8 times per minute.

    I've been told MH bulbs are very hot, will this be enough to keep the temperature in a suitable zone?

    My second question. I read that HPS bulbs are better for budding/flowering. Which should I use? HPS or MH? I've already decided I'd rather not use a CFL. I will only be growing 1 at a time right now, and want the best possible harvest for my situation.

    Thanks for any answers, or tips. =)
  2. I think your cooling solution might work. On your second question, if you only have enough money for one bulb buy the MH. In regards to the CFL, if you scrog, use mylar, and put the CFL right on top of your plants, it will produce a decent amount of quality bud. You should try it out if heat becomes a problem with the MH.

  3. Money isn't a big issue, I'd be willing to invest in 2 small CFLs for wall mounting if it will help increase the yield.

    You suggested Scrog, would that be more effective than LST? If so, I'll look into it. May take some funky engineering, because the plant will slide out of the cabinet when I pull the drawer out. The idea for this was to make maintenance easier, won't have to work around fans and light fixtures.
  4. You say you've decided on a strain that will stay small and not stink up the place...what strain is that?

    I wouldn't SCROG for 1 plant. Do LST. THEY SAY MH is best for veg stage and HPS for flowering but I have found that HPS is great for both. Excellent penetration through the canopy to the lower budsites.

    What I recommend for you buddy is get a 150W HPS. Since your only doin one plant. Maybe throw a few CFLs in there for side lighting. I myself have a 150W HPS and am very happy with it. Cheap as well
  5. I bought a 5 pack of feminized 'blue mystic', from a bank an acquaintance of mine has done business with a few times.

    It's supposed to be short & bushy, and have a low odor. As long as it doesn't overrun my cabinet, it shouldn't be a problem. Odor isn't going to be a flag for anyone, as everyone who enters my house knows I smoke up. I just don't want them to know I'm trying a grow.

    I believe I'll modify my setup design to allow for a couple CFLs in addition to my main light, looks like I'll be purchasing an HPS as for now. Although, I really wouldn't mind putting out the money for an MH and a HPS, as long as a single fixture would allow me to just switch the bulbs when I went to flowering stage.

    As for my pot, I was thinking of cutting the bottom half of a 5-gallon bucket off. Drilling drainage holes in the bottom, and drilling a hole in the top rim every 2-3 inches to tie to for LST.

    I really appreciate the inquiries. :)
  6. Sounds like you have it planned out. I'm just curious as to what wattage of light you want to get. Cuz again your gonna have to vent this stealth cab very well. Especially depending on how small it's gonna be...

    You should look into a cool tube for whatever light ya get

  7. Well, I'm curious to what wattage of light I will use as well! It's a small place, single plant. I'm painting the walls satin white. I figured a 150w HPS would be fine, but that's only from reading other peoples projects that use similar sized areas.

    I suppose the only way to make sure temps will be fine is to finish the cab and let it run a day or two at 18/6 and keep logs.

    Right now I should have a total of 95CFM intake, and 190CFM exhaust. I also figured I'd put a small interior fan near the bottom of the cabinet to increase air flow, and to disturb the air near the bottom of the cab that doesn't have good air flow. Any thoughts?

  8. check this video out. He uses a small box, a few cfl's, and scrogged one plant. He produced 1.5 oz's with NYC diesel which isn't a big yielder. If I was going to do a small grow, this is the setup I would use. He has a whole series, you should check out. It is fairly detailed 7pt series. His handle is chevelle712k6

    [ame=]YouTube - DIESEL SCROG PART 1[/ame]

  9. so I guess the question is, to scrog, or to LST?

    I guess it would be better if I planned on topping my plant, to scrog it rather than LST?

    I've read repeatedly of the larger yields of topping plants. My issue is I didn't want it to grow too bushy, to cause a width/depth problem with my box. But it seems like people pay little heed to that. His box is definitely smaller than mine.
  10. Def go with the 150 HPS. You cant lose...

    I myself would LST but I guess you could SCROG. Up to you...

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