My first grow, any help much appreciated!

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    Alright so here is the scoop on my first grow, I have one plant at the moment which I started outside waaaay too early but luckily it managed to shine once I got it indoors. I'm still unsure of it's sex.
    I've got one 40 watt florescent light on the seeds that I'm growing in a tray, and also one high pressure sodium bulb that I've got in the corner not too close to the plant or tray.

    The photos are here. I water them with a spray bottle, just water from the faucet. Let me know what I'm doing right/wrong.
    My light time right now is about 12/12. sometimes 15/9. I'm pretty sure I'm doing the light time wrong, any suggestions there?
    All my pictures are there, if anything is wrong where you can't view them or something let me know.
    Also, if you know the plants sex please tell me.

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  2. Firstly, Welcome to the forums :)

    1. You NEED a timer for that light. During flowering, the dark is much more important than the light hours. So get it dialed into a constant 12/12. :D

    2. That light can get as close to an inch without hurting the plant, so move it closer and get about 3 or 4 of them.

    3. What light spectrum are you using ? 25k? 65k?

    4. Sounds like you are foliar feeding. Don't worry about that. Simply wait until the soil is bone dry (stick your finger up to the second knuckle), and then water until it runs out the bottom a bit. then wait for it to dry out again.

    5. Are you using nutrients? If not, I recommend at least some liquid miracle grow, but if you have more money, go to your local hydro and pick up some fox farms.
  3. Alright thanks for the info, I have no timer right now but I'll be sure to pick one up asap.
    I just moved the plants forward :D. and the light spectrum I honestly don't have a clue, my buddy borrowed me the bulb and he doesn't know a thing about it, I've looked over the thing and there are no words/number, sorry I dont have that info :(.
    and no I'm not using nutrients, I'm trying to stick to a natural grow so I'm not so sure I want to unless it will help out A LOT lol.
  4. This made me laugh. Sorry.

    I'd suggest if you got more seeds is to re-germinate some and restart the grow. Get about three lamps, 3 Y sockets. So that way you can get a total of 6 lights out of 3 lamps. Get some 26w 6000k CFL and start the grow again.

  5. Lights and Nutrients are 2 of the most important requirements for growing. You can grow a gram using 1 light with the incorrect spectrum and no nutes, or you can invest $20 in bulbs and $10 in miracle grow basic liquid ferts and get actual results that you can be happy with.

    I wouldn't start over, simply because you learn from your mistakes, and you have some learning to do, but coming here and asking for help is a HUGE step towards getting a good final product. :hello:
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    thanks, much more helpful than the guy who told me my grow was junk lol. I'm not growing the best of strands or anything so this is more of a learning experience for when i actually turn the closet into an area for 3 plants from seeds from possibly this site. What I'm growing now is shwag seeds that i picked out of my buddies half pound lol, there were sooo many. any thoughts on the sex of plant then?

    Also. I just went to the store and bought some plant nutrients. Next step would be...fixing my light situation? I figured it was fine, last year i grew in a closet with 3 florescent lights and my plants came out with probably around half an ounce on each, 2 ounces in all. And this is a lot better light set up than i had before. but I'm just upgrading step by step so anyone who can give good advice I'd really appreciate it.
  7. I can only go by what I've seen in the pics. From that, they look like they need more lights, but any updates that you've made would be great to see in pictures.

    You'll never know the sex until he/she shows ya... and that's normally a week or two after flowering.

    If there were tons of seeds, then the weed wasn't all that great. What you will grow should definitely be better than simple shwag, but we'll see.
  8. there is no way to be 100% sure of the plants sex until it starts showing signs of flowering. lot of my friends try and tell me all these different ways to tell but there is no way to be 100% sure. especially with bag seeds. feminized seeds i believe arnt even 100% but 99.9% is close. i would look into getting T5 florescent lights from
  9. Scratch some of the lighting things that I mentioned about. You have a HPS that I really didn't even notice in your pics. How many watts is that, and how close do you keep it to your plant?

    Sorry about that. :rolleyes:

  10. have you heard about the banana peel trick, or the birth control trick? lol...

    Just like you said, not even femanized seeds are 100%. ;)
  11. I honestly am not sure how many watts the HPS light is, If I were to guess I'd say around 100 because its a decent sized bulb probably about 6 inches long and 2 inches wide. I know my lighting isn't the best but I'm only growing 3-6 plants indoors and its going to be all personal smoke. whatever seeds pop out of that seed tray are probably going outside since the only indoor space I have is my closet sadly.
  12. Tell me the tricks, these things I need to know lol.

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