My first grow and im concerned. whats this mean?

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  1. im a bit concerned about my plants. on two of the three, the bottom leaves as u see here are turning a brownish and curling. what does this mean? ive been treating them right. temp around 65-75, fans, close to the light, using MG potting soil which feeds for 60 days so i only use tap water for now. i have everything ideal. is this a major concern? or is it normal? 


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  2. Those are the cotyledons. Totally normal for them to die off. They are the starter leaves that help allow photosynthesis to occur and also to store nutrients.
  3. so is it safe to just pick them off then? 
  4. You could, I'd just let em fall off on their own. But it won't kill it if you pluck them off at this point. But there's really no reason to.
  5. oh ok. well thanks man i wsa really getting concerned that my plants were dying. also is it normal for them to still be that skimpy on their 3rd week of veg? i feel like they should be alot bigger than they are
  6. If its ready to come off, it will be dry as fuck and kinda just fall off when you poke it.
  7. What's up with 3 pics of the same plant?
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    Ok, next time the soil is dry, get some reverse osmosis water, and water untill you get a good gallon of water.( run off from the soil)

    Acually, because im not positive on anything, try and move the light closer. Looking like its far away.

    But I think your PH is bad, and the soil is too hot for a seedling.

    I say hot as in full of nutrients.
  9. but shouldnt my plants be bigger at 3 weeks old? ive watched youtubers and they have monsters at 3 weeks compared to mine. help!?
  10. idk man, i only uploaded it once. i have no idea why it posted it 3 times
  11. yea im using the soil that feeds for 2 months and i was using nutes, but i stopped and have been using straight tap water for the past few days. and ive moved the light a bit closer. waiting on my 600 watt metal halide light to come in! 
  12. The environment of the plant is keeping it from growing.
    It is stunted. Too much food, bad PH is my guess.
    3 weeks? That aint right for 3 weeks. Something is definitely wrong.
  14. well actually the last few days they have shot up like 3 inches. but they just arent as big as ive seen on youtube. hopfully good things come of them tho
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    im thinking they are only 3 weeks. friday will be start of 4th week im thinking
  16. Thats like 5 days for a healthy plant, but shorter. Maybe a week.
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    I'll show you 2 examples of my plants at 3 weeks old.
    One is an indica dominant, and the second one is Hybrid Sativa/Indica.
    That's my plant at 3 weeks old: (Indica)
    That's my Sativa/Indica at 3 weeks old:
    And I felt bad because I thought they're small
  18. so what do u think i should do different?  trash them and start over or just wing it?
  19. Flush your pots as I suggested, it is the only thing I can think off. Use reverse osmosis water, just safest. Make sure you get at least a half gallon or more of runoff. This will hopfully adjust the PH and remove the excess nutrients. Plant more in different soil with no food, and dont feed them untill their like 2 weeks.
    Might as well keep these ones to learn off of. If you can fix them thats a thumbs up.
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    You need more light. Inadequate lighting is the only thing that will cause plants to stretch like that and also explains the overall lack of growth and development.

    I have two about the same age. The one on the left is 20 days from sprout and the one on the right is 17 days.



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