My First Grow and I need Tips For Drying

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by rhett1366, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. Ok so heres the problem i have started my first grow and everything has gone really well except for one male mishap. But i need some tips o how to dry the plant when i'm done and how to avoid mold on my buds. Any Advice?
  2. Welcome to the city :)

    Hang up the buds and get some air circulation around them to dry them for a day or three. Once the stems almost snap or are starting to snap when bent, put them in a cardboard box or paper bag until they've finished drying, then transfer to an airtight container for curing.

  3. How long should i leave in cotainer for curing?
  4. well that's up to you but a lot of people use the curing jars as the end storage for the buds. BUT just make sure when you're buds are acutally still curing that you open the jar a few times a day to let excess moisture out. the point of curing is to sweat the bud so that the moisture from the inner bud comes out which doesnt happen during regular drying (think of that microwave burrito that's hot on the outside cold on the inside).

    when the moisture is gone (i.e. when curing is finished) you may opt to store the buds in the same container or wherever else, but again, just mkae sure to open the jars a couple times a day to let that moisture escape when the bud is still actually curing.
  5. i have been shopping at hydro shops and guys at the shops are trying to sell me a "bud hardining" nutrient that is kinda like a final kick for the buds right before harvest. is this a good idea and what would you recommend for this "hardening" step?
  6. Some work, most don't. Save your money and look into organics if you want to grow bigger buds.

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